Sunday, November 11, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Last night was my 30th birthday party or fiesta de cumpleaños treinta (I think). Billy came up with the idea for a Mexican fiesta theme and we totally ran with it. Well, he ran with it, I just got inspired at the last minute and decided to wear festive party attire.

I really wanted to wear a quinceñeara dress (copyright Billy) but had a heck of a time finding one that didn't cost a fortune or look like something left over from a 1980s wedding. I didn't want people to show up and wonder why I chose my birthday party to get a little more mileage out of an old bridesmaid's dress so, I decided on this little number. There's nothing Mexican or fiesta about it but it has poofy sleeves and looked great with a sombrero. Everyone got a kick out of it except Jerome who thought I was serious for the first half an hour or so. Like I just pulled it out of my closet and thought, "Finally! A celebration special enough for this dress!"

How could something so lovely only cost $7?

We decorated the house with Mexican flags, flimsy cut-out sombreros and Jesus candles. Heather found our house because it was the only one on the block that had a big "Fiesta!" sign taped up next to the front door. We had a taco and burrito bar (with homemade refried beans!), lots of margaritas & cervezas, and my favorite chocolate cake from Costco.

Chiclets anyone?

After everyone had enough to eat and, more importantly, drink, we all went out to the back yard for the pinata and bon fire. I wish I had taken a before photo of the pinata because it was a funny/disturbing 3 legged bunny with big black eyelashes (or "donkey" as Bill called it). I was blindfolded and spun in circles but still managed to smash the pinata in half and bend the metal broom handle I used to smack it!

Yum! Candy, condoms, Vaseline & jalapenos!

Shortly after my victory over the pinata, Liam woke up. The sweet boy had gone to bed after the first few people arrived and slept soundly for the first 3 or 4 hours of the party. I honestly don't know how he did it. Our house is all one level and his room is right next to the front door. People were up and down the hall all night and we played loud ranchero music non stop. Instead of getting him back to sleep, I decided to get him up so he could join the party (it's never a good idea to make parenting decisions after a few margaritas...). After he sat with me for a little bit and drank his milk, he started passing his football around and giving out high fives. He even sat outside by the fire. Eventually, I put him back to bed and he slept soundly the rest of the night (until 10 the next morning...).

Swapping the sombrero for a wig was a great idea.

We ended the night toasting marshmallows on the fire and making s'mores with pinata chocolate and some of Liam's baby grahams. It was like camping without having to pack or pee outside. And, we all got to sleep in our own beds and not wake up hungover in a tent. That's about a thousand times better than camping if you ask me.

All in all it was a fabulous night and left me feeling really grateful (and only slightly hungover!). I wasn't really sure what to expect because I knew several of our really close friends were out of town and Billy had handled all of the invitations. We ended up with such a perfect mix of people and our house was so full of love and friendship it was almost overwhelming. I sometimes can't believe how lucky we are to have found this place in the world. Viva Nash Vegas!!!

The belle of the ball...

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