Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane.

Liam and I just met a friend for lunch and I almost didn't survive. Not only was he being difficult, he also managed to catch a cold on the 5 minute drive to the restaurant. He was fine last night and this morning but it seems the moment we settled in amongst the busy lunch crowd, his nose started to run and he developed a loud, hacking cough. Nice. Today I was the person with a sick kid in the restaurant; tomorrow I'll be the one with a sick kid on the airplane.

I hate being that person.

Then again, this could be a good thing. Maybe he'll be so tired from having a cold and being dragged out of bed to catch a plane hours before he usually wakes up that he'll sleep soundly in my arms the entire flight like a little angel. That could happen, right?

Please, please, PLEASE let there be an empty seat next to me! And in-flight entertainment that plays Blue's Clues over and over again (but only the episodes with Steve, not Joe), and all-you-can-eat chocolate bunny graham crackers and sippy straw cups of organic whole milk, and massage chairs with lots of leg room, and funny pilots who only talk during take off and landing and never in the middle of a flight because they know that the speaker is very loud and almost always wakes people up, especially cranky toddlers who fight going to sleep when they're on a plane because they're afraid they might miss something exciting.

Could somebody please move Reno closer to Nashville?

Flying in style, August 2006

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