Tuesday, December 18, 2007

City slicker.

The neighborhood we live in is as close to downtown as you can get without living in a high rise. The houses are historic, the people are friendly and there are lots of fun things to do within walking distance. It's just about perfect.

That is, until you want to do something like, say, go to Target.

When we first moved here, we had no idea how inconvenient this neighborhood was. We were used to the suburbs of Reno where there are strip malls as far as the eye can see. We had never lived in a city, so to speak, and it has taken some getting used to.

On the first night we were here, after we unloaded the U-Haul in the sweltering September heat, we realized we didn't have a shower curtain or towels. So we dragged our sweaty selves to the neighborhood sports bar for a beer and directions to the nearest Target. Our waitress looked at us with pity as she pointed and said, "you want to go up Gallatin about 20 miles until you see it on your left."

Since then, we've gotten used to our location and hardly ever even notice that it takes all morning to run a few quick errands. That is, most days we don't notice. Today was a different story.

I ordered a few more photo Christmas cards to be printed at the Target one-hour photo. Instead of ordering them from the Target 15 minutes away, I ordered them from the Target 20 minutes away because last time I ordered cards from the 15 minute Target, they were all out of envelopes. When I got to 20 minute Target this morning and asked for my cards, I was met with a blank stare. It turns out the photo girl was at a funeral today so no one was printing anything. I somewhat sarcastically asked, "should I just drive all the way home and re-order them to be printed at another Target?" Yep, as it turns out, that's exactly what I should do!

To keep Liam happy, I kept telling him we'd get a hot chocolate as soon as we were done. Well, when I walked him over to the in-store Starbucks to get that hot chocolate (or decaf mint mocha - he wouldn't know the difference), the girl at the counter pointed to a long list of things they didn't have. You better believe mint and mocha were on that list!

No hot chocolate, no picture cards, no nothing!

By now my cards should be printed at 15 minute Target (they got more envelopes) but my window of being able to leave the house was wasted with the trip to 20 minute Target earlier. Now Liam is napping and instead of sending the last of my Christmas cards, I'm writing about wanting to send them.

You'll never believe it - Billy just walked in the door with a mint mocha from Starbucks and...NO PHOTO CARDS! He went to 15 minute Target to pick them up for me (isn't that sweet?) but no one could find them and Jimmy, the only guy there who seems to know anything, was on break. Bill waited and waited but Jimmy didn't show and no one found our cards.

Now I'm mad. It's one thing to waste my time but don't mess with my husband! This isn't over, Target. And not just because we'll have to make another trip to pick up our cards. (Seriously, this will be our 5th.)

They should stop calling it 1-hour photo. I think half-a-tank-of-gas photo has a nicer ring to it.

At least my cards are cute.

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