Saturday, December 29, 2007

Glamour shots.

Our neighborhood is in the process of transitioning from a run down scary spot in between a bunch of projects to a totally renovated yuppie spot full of west coasters (still surrounded by projects, mind you). Because of this I often find myself listening carefully trying to discern whether I just heard gunshots or construction. It could easily be either one and its surprisingly hard to tell the difference.

I was faced with this very situation tonight on the way to my car. Instead of wondering what I heard like I sometimes do in my house, I jumped when I heard it because it was so loud. As soon as I jumped I realized it was just the people building a garage a couple doors down and not gunshots so I did a little run off to redeem myself. Yeah, like the kind you do when you trip in public. I pretty much half-jogged to my car with a scared smile on my face that said, "Haha! I totally just jumped because I thought I was being shot at but now I'm running it off because it was just construction!"

I hope the neighbors enjoyed it as much as I did.

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