Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A good day.

Life with a toddler is amazing. Some days I feel like I can actually see Liam growing. He's learning so much right now but gets frustrated that he doesn't know it all quite yet. It's the kind of frustration that turns a sweet, mellow child into something um...not so sweet and mellow. When he has a particularly whiny day or throws a monster of a tantrum for no real reason, it can go from kind of funny to totally exhausting in a matter of moments.

Fortunately, we have very few hard days. The ones we do have make me appreciate days like today even more.

We watched Sesame Street this morning and ate apple oatmeal (he actually ate!). Then we went into his room where he washed dishes in the sink, made me some tea and spaghetti, and drank orange juice (an orange in a cup). We colored pictures and played catch and threw balls into his crib.

He must have worked up quite an appetite because he actually ate lunch! He's usually not a very good eater but today he had several bites of macaroni and cheese with peas and about a half of a half of a piece of toast. Amazing!

It was such a nice day I decided to take him outside for a little before his nap. He went down the slide on his own once and then decided it was more fun to put his toys down instead (he's not what you'd call a dare devil).

We played fetch with Cloey and explored the yard. Way back in the corner (where I'm sure all the bugs hang out), Liam found a beach ball that was almost flat and covered in dried mud. He carried it around for a few minutes until he realized it was dirty and started to freak out (he doesn't like to have stuff on his hands). I thought, oh man, this is it, I messed up our great day by delaying the nap! But, it ended up being fine. I just brought him in, washed his hands, got him some milk and read him a few books. When I laid him down he went right to sleep.

Now, a couple of hours later, he's in his crib talking and singing to himself. When he's ready to get up he'll say, "Hey, Mama!" or "I need help!". I can't wait to hear that little voice.

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