Thursday, December 20, 2007

A jolly good time.

Last night our friends Erin and Sean had us over for a really fun holiday happy hour. Bill was in Cincinnati at his company party so Liam and I had to represent for the family. It was a perfect combination of friends, food, drinks and crafts.

Erin set out a whole table of art supplies and told us to make, "Jesus, Mary or Elvis ornaments," with the pictures she had printed. As it turns out, my friends are really creative! I was particularly impressed with Sean's project:

I call this masterpiece, "Sharpie Mustache."


Liam and Owen joined in the fun and made some really lovely paintings. It's so much fun to see them together!

With a mustache like that, I believe it's pronounced, "arteeest."

Liam and I had so much fun, we didn't get home until after 11. I think the sugar cookies kept him fueled up.

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