Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Like a kid at Christmas.

This year the three of us stayed in Nashville and celebrated together. It was very mellow and relaxing and perfect.

A picture of all 3 of us - it's a Christmas miracle!

We opened presents on Christmas Eve. Liam liked tearing the paper off of presents "like a dinosaur!" (roaring) but wasn't as excited about the actual gifts as I thought he might be. One of the first things he opened was a case of alphabet cookie cutters from his cousin Baby Daniel. He immediately carried it to his room and then returned later carrying that case and another case of letters. I guess he figured they should be together.

Bill knocked one out of the park with the chalkboard/dry erase artist easle.

And the Goldfish crackers Grandma Fancy Pants wrapped up and sent all the way from Reno were also a big hit.

We made cookies to leave out for Santa which Liam sort of liked but I suspect it was mostly because he was eating fudge the whole time.

All in all, he seemed more interested in taking pictures than opening or playing with presents.

I think he captured the festivities rather well!

That is, until we put him to bed.

I read him several stories and laid him down but knew almost immediately that it didn't take. So, Bill went in right behind me and offered him more milk and more stories. After that, we got on with helping Santa put together Liam's first tricycle!

Maybe an hour into our little project, I heard Liam in his room talking. I thought maybe he needed to be changed before he went to sleep so I opened his door. I could tell immediately that he didn't need to be changed.

Me: "Buddy, are you OK?"

Liam: "Yeah. Presents?"

Me (laughing): "You want to get up and play with your presents?"

Liam (grinning like mad): "Yeah."

What could I do? I yelled out to the living room for Bill to abort mission and hide everything in the laundry room so Liam could come play with his presents. You can't ignore something that cute. Not on Christmas!

All in all we had to not ignore it 3 more times and didn't get Liam to sleep until after midnight. He never cried or got upset - it was literally just sheer excitement keeping him up. That has never happened before. It's like they say - he was just like a kid at Christmas!

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Courtney said...

I must say, you guys win the cutest family in N-ville award!