Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Making a list, checking it twice.

We've started a few holiday traditions since moving to Nashville three years ago. We were happy to have indulged in the following this year:

The Lockeland Springs Christmas Tour of Homes
You get to see inside your neighbors homes and check out their holiday decorations. It's like a dream come true for me!

Peppermint Mochas
In an effort to avoid the "latte effect" we read about it Smart Couples Finish Rich, we don't usually splurge in things like Starbucks. That makes peppermint mochas taste extra good at Christmastime.

Robin, Adam & Jerome's Annual Holiday Soiree
I love this party! Everyone gets dressed up and acts all fancy until Michael Jackson comes on the stereo and Richie starts dancing. Then the party really gets started!

Me & the hostess-with-the-mostess in 2006...

...and 2007!

The Holiday Workshop at Art & Invention
I love that such an awesome gallery is in our neighborhood. You have to step over a big sleepy dog to get inside but it's totally worth it. It's so warm and friendly and the workshop table has all the fun supplies you need to make really great projects. And you don't end up with glitter all over your house!

Me (very pregnant!) & my sister in 2005

Liam in the same smock my sister wore!

That is one fine gingerbread man!

Food, Drinks & Movies we've already seen
The specifics may vary but the concept stays the same - hang out, watch movies (like Family Man or something we've seen a million times), drink and eat snacks (never meals!). This year we really got into mulled wine, brie and apples with honey & almonds. We also threw in a meat stick, some mustard, more cheese and crackers and wintery beers. And a baguette. It was a really good year.

I also really enjoy decorating the inside of our house (less is more) and sending Christmas cards. I like doing cards so much, I did my sister's this year too!

I'm indecisive so I did two.

Our card from last year - he's so cute I could eat him.

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