Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pimp my chi.

I recently read an article in Domino magazine about feng shui that really opened my eyes. Apparently, your home (or office or desk or whatever) is broken into 8 sections called baguas that correspond to different areas of your life. Here's an example of a bagua map I found online:

You're supposed to imagine laying a map like that over your home to figure out what rooms correspond to what parts of your life (your front door is at the bottom). I don't know too much about it yet but I think it's pretty interesting. Especially when I applied it to my home. I found that some of my rooms looked like they had been designed my a feng shui master (like my family room) while others were completely disastrous.

For example, my laundry room just so happens to fall in my wealth bagua. This is the one room of the house I close off when we have guests. It's where we keep the cat box and all the stuff that doesn't have anywhere else to go. There is a perfectly usable bathroom in there but we never use it (or let anyone else use it) because it's too hard to get the door open with all the junk in the way. Needless to say, it's not exactly the kind of space I want representing my wealth.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

It's still a pretty ugly room but at least now it's clean and organized. I can get to and from the washing machine without tripping over random stuff and we can find pretty much anything we need.

I think the chi is flowing better too.

Since I cleaned the room, I have received a letter saying I will receive $25 from a class action lawsuit about bank charges over seas (it's legit), a check from Liam's school for a couple of hours I helped out (I thought I was volunteering), and money from Sunny for helping teach a private hoop class. That's over $100 I wasn't expecting. Imagine what will happen if I paint it purple!

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