Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby elbow.

Today is the first full day I am taking care of baby S. She and I just returned from taking Liam to school and it was quite an ordeal.

The crying and runny nose and need for milk and constant holding bordered on craziness. And that was just Liam! Little baby slept the whole time all bundled up in her car seat. Good for my sanity, bad for my elbow!

I had forgotten how painstakingly difficult those car seats are to carry. The trip in to the school was laughable - I had the car seat in one hand and a backpack and lunchbox in the other while Liam clung on to my torso monkey-style. I figured the walk back to the car would be a breeze but no such luck. Even with my spine twisted unnaturally to one side, the car seat still kept whacking me in the legs. I thought my shoulder had taken the worst of it but as I sit here typing, my elbow is still throbbing with pain. I am definitely out of practice.

When I saw a chiropractor after Liam was born she advised me NEVER to carry the baby in a car seat. I understand why but are there really any better options? How practical is it to take the baby out of the car seat? What would I do with Liam while that was happening? Our window of getting into school without separation anxiety is pretty narrow. I can't have him waiting around for me while I try to unstrap a sleeping baby. Besides, wouldn't all that jostling wake her up? I mean, come on - you expect me to carry a 2 year old, a crying baby, a backpack and a lunch box? Me? I would definitely drop something.

I'm afraid my elbow is just gonna have to take one for the team.

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