Sunday, January 20, 2008

The cat's meow.

Whenever I hear about women who only wash their hair once a week, it totally blows my mind. Even when Liam was really tiny and I was exhausted and overwhelmed, I still managed to shower almost every day. Not because I'm that cool but because I feel weird if I don't shower. I mean like physically weird. I think it's my hair.

I've heard that once-a-week-washers sometimes put baby powder in their hair to keep it from looking too oily. Interesting, but not something I've ever tried. At least, not until yesterday.

We noticed on Friday night that our cat, Mr. Bird, had a big swollen patch on his chest where all of his hair had fallen out. When I called the vet yesterday morning, they got us in right away. Good for Mr. Bird, bad for me. I wouldn't have time to find the cat carrier, pull Mr. Bird out from under the bed, squeeze him into the tiny box, get Liam ready to go AND take a shower. I had to come up with plan B.

Then I remembered the baby powder idea! Since I happen to have plenty of that on hand, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, that is one beauty tip that should be left to the professionals. Perhaps suggesting a bandanna or hat would be more helpful. It may not sound very glamorous but I think you would agree that this:

Looks a lot better than this:

I think shaking the bottle of powder over my head in Liam's room with no mirror in sight may have been the problem.

Mr. Bird is fine although we have temporarily changed his name to "Chest Wound." What looked like a tumor was actually just an abscessed cat bite. The vet said you can tell a lot about a cat from where they get bit - a bite on the front means a cat was standing his ground. So, Chest Wound is a fighter, not a lover. Although if you ask any of Liam's stuffed animals this week they would certainly beg to differ. In an effort to sooth himself, Mr. Bird has been humping anything he can wrap his legs around. Brown bear and black bear have been in and out of the wash all week. It's disturbing. I'm hoping the $150 vet bill will take care of the chest wound and the humping.

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annalister said...

Oh, Maggie...I think this may be my favorite post so far! Thank you so much for including pictures! :)