Thursday, February 7, 2008

His business.

I just realized something funny about Liam:

He doesn't like to poop at school.

Maybe he's shy. Maybe he doesn't want to be that kid who stinks up the room for everyone else (and by everyone, I mean all the parents too - the current that kid does it right at the end of the day so the room doesn't even get a chance to air out before we arrive). Maybe it's genetic. Like father like son? Too far?

It could just be that he's too busy having fun to bother with things like that. He doesn't nap at school either. Or eat. This is his lunch after he came home from school yesterday:

I could use the exact same photo for the before.

When he's not sleeping for the 2 hour nap time, he's making up stories and acting things out quietly on his mat. He's so quiet that he doesn't even wake up the other kids. His teachers can't believe how imaginative he is. "We don't know what he's doing but he sure keeps himself busy!" I think mostly he's talking to Blue. As in the blue dog from Blue's Clues. Yeah, she lives with us now. Liam will say things like, "All done lunch. Get down and play with Blue?" They mostly just run around looking for clues but it involves a lot of talking and singing. Earlier Bill gave Blue a big hug and then asked if he could get a hug from Liam too. Suddenly our mama's boy who only divvies out small rations of hugs to Dad really laid one on him. It almost knocked him over! I guess if it's good enough for Blue, it's good enough for Liam.

I can't wait to try his technique out at dinner. Blue might be a great imaginary friend for all of us!

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