Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stormy weather.

Since we already celebrated Liam's birthday on Sunday, I didn't really plan anything for today. All I wanted was for the birthday boy to call the shots. Chocolate bunny grahams for breakfast? OK! A trip to the bookstore? Coming right up! Blue's Clues on repeat? You got it!

As soon as we got to the bookstore and I let Liam down to walk to the childrens' section, things took a turn for the worse. He wanted to carry his blanket, White Bi, which is a crib sized satin number that he drags with him wherever we go. What's a girl to do? I certainly wasn't going to take away White Bi. Not on his birthday!

As we were walking down the aisle, I noticed an older gentleman coming up behind us. I turned toward him to do the usual exchange of pleasantries that typically accompany a trip to the bookstore with a gregarious toddler. Well! This man was not amused. Just as he was about to pass us and get on with his miserable life, the Liam/White Bi train swerved and blocked his path. He grumbled something under his breath and then squeezed past and stormed down another aisle. A grown man pissed off at a 2 year old! It was so ridiculous I couldn't help laughing. Then I said loudly, "Wow! What a grump!" He definitely heard me because he started grumbling under his breath again as soon as I said it.

After that, the bookstore just didn't have the charm that it normally does. Liam still enjoyed himself but as soon as he wandered from the train table perimeter, I got worried that I'd have to face the grump again. So I steered Liam outside and we walked up and down the sidewalk. That's what's so great about kids - walking around a parking lot is just as fun as anything else.

On our way home we met Bill at the neighborhood hot dog stand. The plan was to eat a quick bite and then walk over to the ice cream shop for a birthday treat. Trying to get Liam from one place to another without a stroller proved much more difficult that I imagined. He's usually such a compliant child. The extent of our babyproofing was to tell him what he could and couldn't touch and it totally worked. Today was different. If we'd say, "let's walk this way," he'd reply, "no, that way." Now we finally understand the one, two, three, whee! game that parents play where they each hold one of the child's hands and swing them into the air every few feet. Sometimes it's the only way to get from here to there.

The this way/that way debate is OVER.

When we got to the ice cream shop, it wasn't open yet. I guess we're the only ones ready for a chocolate cone at 11:30 in the morning. We went back tonight after dinner and it was perfect. Liam had about three licks of his chocolate peanut butter before I took over. That's what moms are for.

By the end of the day I realized that although he might be a very big boy, he's not really old enough to be in charge. We were sitting together on the couch watching Dora and I noticed his head was getting very warm and sweaty (a sign that he's tired). It was perfect timing. The show would be over at about 7:45 which is just about when I like to get him to bed. But when the show ended and he asked for more I found myself turning on another episode of Dora without hesitating. I don't know if it was the cuteness of him saying "more Dora?" (he's never asked to watch Dora) or the fact that it was still his special day. Whatever it was, it was a bad decision. About 30 seconds in, he started whimpering like he does when he's really, really tired. It was like he was saying, "You gave me the rope and I hung myself. Are you happy now? Why would you possibly give a 2 year old so much rope?"

Birthday dinner - goldfish crackers and Blue's Clues.

Bill just told me I have about 10 minutes before there's a tornado overhead. I guess this is goodnight and goodluck.


Neil Edwards said...

Hi Mag!
Keep writing, you do it very well.

Miss you all,

annalister said...

oh, yes...the 1, 2, 3, whee! trick...we use that one a lot--even in the house! :) glad to hear liam had such a fun birthday!

Emery Jo said...

Happy Birthday Liam!! You and Ezra are birthday buddies. I hope you had an extra special yummy chocolate sauce kind of day! :)