Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The customer is always rude.

Have you ever had a negative experience on eBay? I hadn't until recently and it more than made up for all the positives. I'm still a little shell shocked from it.

I bought a custom return address stamp for my sister so she could use it for all her upcoming wedding stuff. As soon as I found it I paid the "buy it now" price on PayPal and sent an e-mail with the information I wanted on the stamp. The listing said most items were shipped within a day or two so when I hadn't heard anything in 3 days, I started to wonder what the heck was going on. I sent another e-mail and then called and left a voice mail. The company had all positive feedback on their site so I couldn't figure out why they weren't getting back to me. I think I even said something like, "I hope everything is OK..." on the voice mail. For all I knew it was a one man operation and that man had been hit by a bus. I would hate to add insult to injury. I let a couple days pass then left another voice mail. Finally 10 days after I bought and paid for the stamp, I got an e-mail on eBay. 10 days! It said they tried e-mailing me so it must have gone into my junk mail. OK...fair enough. But couldn't they have called me? Or, better yet, e-mailed me on eBay? I'm pretty sure that's what it's there for. Since I was starting to think they had taken my money and run, I was happy to have any response at all. They sent a few different choices for the stamp, I chose the one I liked and asked how long until the stamp would ship. No response. A few days later the stamp arrived in the mail. They may not know how to respond to an e-mail but they certainly do have fast shipping! I tore open the package and immediately felt the wind leave my sails - they had sent the wrong one. It was the kind of thing that would have hardly bothered me if they had done everything else right. I honestly may not have even noticed. This, though, was the icing on the cake. Cheap sugary grocery store icing on a crappy yellow sheet cake. I could not let this go.

I e-mailed to let them know I had received the wrong stamp but that I was just going to keep it because I didn't want to wait another 2 weeks for them to send the right one. Then I let them know how disappointed I was in their service and offered them one last chance to make this experience right before I would have no choice but to leave negative feedback on eBay (who wants to do that?). Afterwards, I felt pretty good. I thought it was nice of me to give them a heads up before I ruined their 100% positive feedback.

They did not agree.

I think I will copy and paste the actual e-mail I received so you can get the full effect.

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed about your ordering experience with us. We are all humans after all, not
machines and unfortunatelly mistakes happen from time to time. This is why we have our unconditional warranty policy
according to which if we make a mistake we do our best to fix it.

A replacement stamp will be sent to you tomorrow. You can keep the stamp you already have as a gift. There
is nothing you should do -- no paperwork, no hassle, no worries.

One last thing -- I would really appreciate it if in the future you refrain from negative feedback threatening. This was so
rude, Maggie. Just promise yourself to never do that again.

Thank you again for getting back to us. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else or if you feel a sudden
unstoppable desire to make an apology.

Thanks you again,

Did it make your insides go all hot like it did mine? I hadn't felt that mad since, since...I have no idea what I've been that mad. I guess it's good that an e-mail from some tool on eBay is as bad as my life gets. That's nice.

I told them to keep their stamp, I didn't want it. Then, obviously, I left negative feedback. If that's not negative, I don't know what is. They left the same for me. I guess it's only rude when other people do it to them.

At least I can finally get my sister's save-the-date's sent out. When our poor little virus ridden computer is feeling better, I'll show you the map I made to send with the magnet. It's so cute!

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CelinaQ said...


I can't believe they admonished you for "threatening" to leave negative feedback when they were the ones with crappy customer service.


But this was ages ago, so don't get re-upset about it. I was just a little shocked :)