Thursday, March 6, 2008

Minute clinic, hour pharmacy.

Last night, Bill made me go get checked out at the Minute Clinic. I guess he was no longer enjoying my mouth breathing and hacking cough. He kept making comments like, "you sound like you have tuberculosis!" and asking if I needed another kleenex. It's not like I'm trying to be disgusting, I just am.

I had never been to the Minute Clinic before but I don't have a primary care physician so it was the best bet. I hate going to the doctor. Not because I'm scared or anything but because I don't think they really do anything. It seems like if you don't have an obvious ailment that can be cured with antibiotics, they just look at you like, "Um, I must be in your head." I hope that's not just me.

Last night was the first time I went to a doctor actually hoping to get antibiotics. I'm not a big fan but at this point, I would try just about anything to get better. I told the nurse practicioner my symptoms while she took my temperature and blood pressure and looked in my ears, nose and throat. There was never a big aha! moment where she diagnosed me with pneumonia or anything but she still gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I think she may have written "sinusitis" on my form. I was in and out in 15 minutes!

The Minute Clinic is located inside the CVS Pharmacy so I suppose I could have had my prescription filled there (I actually didn't come up with that genius idea until right now). Instead, I drove to the Rite Aid right by my house and was about to go through the drive through when Bill called. He suggested I try WalMart instead because they have $4 generic perscriptions and he needed me to pick up some goldfish crackers. I am not usually one to trade convenience for savings but since we are unemployed at the moment, I figured I'd do my part and drive the extra two blocks to WalMart.

When I got there and the drive through was closed, I should have taken it as a sign and headed home. Instead, I sulked in and grabbed a place in line. When it was finally my turn, I stood at the counter in front of the clerk for a full 5 minutes before she acknowledged me. Our faces were literally 15 inches apart yet she was able to completely tune me out. She was typing stuff into the computer and talking to her co-worker about how she almost had to "lose her religion" on a man earlier. Once she said that, I just stood really still trying to look sweet, hoping that she'd eventually see me and I wouldn't piss her off.

When she was finally ready to help me, she really helped me. The perscription that I had was written for Amoxicillan 575 - a generic form of Augmenten that cost $65. Plain old Amoxicillan like I was supposed to have would only cost $4. That's a $61 dollar difference! She was nice enough to call the Minute Clinic and get the prescription changed so I didn't have to pay so much. If I had gone through the drive through, I probably just would have passed my debit card through the window and not even looked at the total until later. Sure I would have been home in time for dinner but it would have cost me.

Even though I was stuck wandering around the WalMart Neighborhood Grocery Store forever, I was happy to save the $61. And I got to buy goldfish crackers and catch up on all the tabloid gossip (I read an entire US Weekly!). Besides, our WalMart is less like a grocery store and more like a neighborhood hang out. Not in a friendly, neighborly way but in a slightly uncomfortable, possibly dangerous, extremely unefficient way. It sounds bad, but at least I fit in.

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