Friday, March 14, 2008

Technical difficulties.

I had no idea how much I depend on my computer. I know I use it every day but it's just a computer. It's not like a part of my family or anything. Surely I could get a long without it. Well, now that it's been attacked by every evil virus known to man, I realize 1) it IS part of our family, and 2) I can't get along without it.

Not only have I grown completely dependent on the convenience of it, I also need it to maintain my sanity. Writing makes me feel so happy and everyone knows...if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! I've found myself turning to the TV instead and, let me tell you, that's doing nothing but making me stupider. See - I don't even think "stupider" is a word! Can I edit it out? Not really - the computer I'm using right now is a finicky little thing and won't let me spellcheck or use any other convenient features on this site. If I try to open another internet window, it will most likely freeze up or crash right in the middle of this post. Then I won't be able to get back to this computer until who knows when. With Billy home right now, there is precious little time that the only working computer in the house is free for me to use. It seems wrong to kick him off when he's looking for jobs but I'm not going to rule it out just yet. At this point, I wouldn't put it past me. Even before the evil attack he had been kind of a computer hog lately. Just when he was finishing up all his law school applications and I was starting to see the light of day, he lost his job. Can't a girl get a break!?

Here are a few of the topics I started to write on in the past week or two that got sabatoged by this situation:

Chicken and beer to the rescue.
When life gives you lemons, have your friends over to watch Eddie Izzard with cheap beer & a bucket of chicken!

Waking up slowly.
I'm reading A New Earth - the current Oprah book - and it's blowing my mind. Did you know that the constant voice in your head is not really you? I'm telling you... there will definitely be more to come on this!

Working girl.
I made a goal in January to make $1400 a month. I was making nothing at the time and had no ideas or prospects of how to change that. Well, lots of random odd jobs have come my way and I think I may already be at my goal!

There were some others but, sadly, I'm out of time. I woke up early to snag the computer before anyone else got up but now I've got to go get ready for an interview for yet another odd job at Vanderbilt. Before I run, I have to share something from a school I was observing yesterday: KeNautica and JoTerrius. No, those are not bizarre jungle diseases or recently merged corporations, they are NAMES. Like growing up isn't hard enough. Imagine going through life with a name like that!

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