Sunday, March 23, 2008

When I grow up.

Our good friend and Liam's most favorite babysitter, Fiona, was just in this crazy show at Vanderbilt called Juggleville. We went to see it the other night and were blown away. Even Liam liked it! Considering it was an 8:00 show, the fact that he didn't have a way past bedtime melt down was a very big compliment. I think he was mesmerized by Fiona. Not to mention the juggling, dance, hula hoop, rhythmic gymnastics, and jump rope. There were over 60 people in the cast and little Miss Fi-Fi was the lead role! She did an amazing job and we are very proud of her.

Almost anytime I see a live performance like that, I get the urge to do it too. Not with music so much but with acting, dancing, and, in this case, rhythmic gymnasts. I was absolutely fascinated by these girls. They were young - maybe 10 years old? - and so flexible it was crazy. They did this one move where they bent back really far and held a ball in the small of their backs. Did I mention they were in the splits at the time? Yeah, pretty crazy. Part of me thought, wow, that's almost disgusting. No human body should be able to do that. The other part of me thought, I wonder if they offer rhythmic gymnastics classes for adults?

At what point do thoughts like that become ridiculous? I mean, if I were to really commit to doing a back bend like that, would it even be possible? I'm guessing NO. Rhythmic gymnastics at 30 is kind of an old dog/new trick situation. My back hurts just thinking about it. But, there are probably some other things out there that I'd like to do that would be easier now than 10 years down the road. I better figure out what I want to do so I don't end up a crotchety old hag bitching about back bends!

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