Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easy riders.

Today was the Country Music Marathon here in Music City USA. It was a beautiful day to torture your body by running 26.2 miles. Listen to me - could I be more jealous? It's not that I have any desire to run a marathon - in fact, I can't think of anything I would hate to do more (maybe childbirth?) - but I would love to know what it feels like to have that kind of determination and physical strength. What an accomplishment! I actually caught myself tearing up as I watched people hobble toward the finish line. Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself.

I think I must have been nostalgic for my marathon training days. It hardly seems possible that I, a person who doesn't even like to run, signed up and trained for a marathon once. I didn't make it to the 26.2 mile race but managed to squeeze in a 13 mile training run before completely injuring myself and swearing off running for good. A half a marathon was more than enough accomplishment for me.

Today's marathon and half marathon both ended at Titan's stadium which is just outside our neighborhood so we rode our bikes down to watch. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of our friend Sunny and 10 other girls hula hooping past the finish line. That's right, they hula hooped the half marathon! I had originally said I would do it with them (yet another weak moment!) but fortunately no one held me to it. I definitely preferred cheering them on from my bike to waking up early on a Saturday to walk 13 miles.

I'm either getting lazier or smarter.

We jumped on our bikes and peddled about half way down the block before realizing it was little chilly and Liam might need a sweatshirt. We turned around and Bill ran into the house while I stayed on my bike with Liam. Before he ducked into the house I yelled, "Grab a smoo, too!" I thought it was perfectly obvious that I meant grab a smoothie and a straw in case Liam gets thirsty once we get to the stadium but he translated it to mean grab a smoothie and pop a straw in it right now so Liam can spill it all over himself on the back of my bike. As he sulked back into the house he muttered, "Why don't you just e-mail me?"

What? That's not fair. He can't read stuff I write and then just throw it back in my face. That's so not cool! When I told him this he had no idea what I was talking about. He hadn't even read my previous post yet! How funny is that? I guess we're back on the same wave length!

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Beth E. M. said...

Hey Miss Mags - Just thought I would share - my brother Daryn just ran in the Boston Marathon last Monday and finished in 4 hours 19 minutes! I am so amazingly proud of him you'd think I ran the thing myself!! He is so amazing and such an inspiration. He only started running and getting into the marathon thing last year! He is truly a rockstar!