Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm a teacher.

Remember a long time ago when I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do and looking into teaching was one of those things? Well, I think it's time to check it off the list! I am currently TEACHING two HoopAerobix classes of my very own. It's not at all the kind of teaching I had in mind when I made the list but I would say it's infinitely better.

Let's take a moment to compare:

Being a school teacher is really, really hard work. Not only are you at school all day long, you have to plan lessons and grade papers when you go home at night. And the pay for all this hard work? Not so good. You have no idea what kind of class you're going to get but once you get them they're yours for an entire school year. Your students might come to school hungry or tired or sick or angry. They might have learning disabilities or language barriers. Depending on where you teach you might have very limited funding or inadequate supplies. No matter, you still have to make sure no child gets left behind. So, teach the test, teach the test, TEACH THE TEST! From what I've seen lately, all the joy has been completely sucked out of school.

HoopAerobix, on the other hand, is nothing but joy. I lead a half dozen girls through an hour of hula hooping, dancing, laughing and sweating all while listening to fun music and getting a good work out. My students are awesome and happy to be in class and the hourly pay beats a teacher's salary any day. Sure, I only work 2 hours a week but that's the way I like it. It's absolutely perfect!

All this excitement gave me another idea - I want to start a cheer leading fitness class. Yes, that's right, you heard me - CHEER LEADING FITNESS! If I had to do what I did in cheer leading practice every couple days, I think I would be in killer shape. Just try to do all those high Vs and front kicks and herkies and not look hot. I want to put on the jock jams right now and get to it! Go, team!


Courtney said...

count me in on the Cheerleading class...I'm so there...I still do cheers around the husband thinks I'm nuts ;)Once it's in your blood...there ain't no going back!

Chrissy said...

You know it's said that our deepest longed for dreams we once thought we'd lost would find us again, but maybe in a different form. And here's one of yours! Go for it! :)