Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy days.

Saturday was one of those days where I didn't really do anything at all. I didn't cook (frozen pizza surely doesn't count), clean (I put the sheets in the wash but never managed to get them back on the bed), read (I leafed through lots of magazines which are now piled in various stacks around the living room), write (I sent a 4 line e-mail to my sister in Thailand), watch (a couple minutes of Hilary's speech and some Oswald in the background), or do...anything.

My saving grace for the day was the HoopAerobix class I taught from 11-12. I had to be lured out of bed with a cup of coffee to get there on time but still, it was so much fun. Plus, I got a great workout, met new people and got paid! How can you top that? Frankly, I didn't even try. I spent the rest of the day just sort of hanging out, wondering if there was anything else I was supposed to be doing. (You know, like weeding the garden, doing laundry, taking a shower...)

When Liam got up from his nap, I was determined to come up with something we could do. The pool? No, it closes early on Saturday. The bookstore? It's all the way across town. A bike ride? Too bloody hot. The ice cream shop? Hmm...I could leave the house for that. I asked Liam if he wanted to go get ice cream and he got really excited and ran to the kitchen to get it out of the freezer. Darn. So much for getting out of the house. I scooped big bowls of chocolate ice cream and we all sat on the floor in Liam's room licking our spoons and listening to old country music on the radio.

It was actually...perfect. Kind of like being on vacation. I guess that's what you call a Saturday.

Here are some pictures from our real vacation at Rosemary Beach a few weeks ago.

I have NO idea why we look so romantic in this picture. We tried to take another but we kept looking romantic! I guess that's what sunsets do to people...

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Callie said...

that last picture is gorgeous! Oh and glad to know I'm not the only mom that has lazy days.