Thursday, August 21, 2008

Material girls.

**recent Skype conversation between me and my sister**

Me: "So, you know how we always say things like wouldn't it be so cool if we blah, blah, blah someday?

Her: "Yeah. Like the Great Gatsby House?"

"Yeah, totally. Well, I was think-"

"It really would be cool to have that house."

"I know."

"Where we're just like, lying around drinking cocktails on these big couches and a breeze is blowing through the house and there are really flowy curtains and we can hear all our kids like, playing by a lake or something and we're just like, oh no big deal, let's have another cocktail?"

"Totally. But I was thinking about something else that we wanted to do someday."

"Oh, cool."

"Well, you know how we're always like, One concert I definitely want to see before I die is Madonna but then one of us goes, I heard it was like $300 a ticket! Who has that kind of money? and then we're like, It will be really cool someday when we're the kind of people who can do stuff like that?"

"Yeah, I can't wait till we're those kind of people. That will be awesome."

"Well, I was thinking? Maybe we are those kind of people. I mean, if we want to see Madonna, we should go see freaking Madonna. No one is stopping us but us."

"You're totally right! I mean, she's not getting any younger."

I honestly think this might be the best decision we've ever made. I mean, what could be better than a girls weekend in Chicago with my sister and Madonna? Not only that but I get to fly on an airplane all by myself. If there is anything resembling a sippy cup in my carry on you better believe it will be filled with vodka.

My sister and I have done a lot of fun things in our lives but never flown to a big city to spend the weekend alone together shopping for trendy clothes and eating Chicago style pizza and drinking whatever we can get our lips around and SEEING FREAKING MADONNA! Don't even mention the fact that there's been talk about a possible Britney or JT appearance. That's too much awesome for me to process right now.

I love being this kind of person!

Oh, and speaking of thoughtful and adoring husband got me my very own big girl camera for our upcoming anniversary!

I pretty much plan to rock this look from now until forever. Love!

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