Friday, September 19, 2008

Reno or bust.

I told the girls in my hoop class that I wouldn't be in class next week. "I'm going out of town," I said, still panting from class. "My sister's getting married in Reno."

After I got in my car, I realized how that must have sounded. I felt compelled to roll down my window and shout across the parking lot to clarify, "It's not a quickie wedding or like a drive through thing. We're from Reno! That's where she lives!"

They looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about.

I just need to finish packing our carry on bags and we're off. I am, for the first time ever, excited to fly with my son. He is like a real travel companion now instead of a squirmy sack of flour required to sit on my lap. And my genius husband downloaded several episodes of Blue's Clues and Wonder Pets to our iPod so I'm pretty much good to go. We could fly to Bangladesh if we wanted to. I am even considering packing a book without pictures to read on the flight.

I will not be bringing my laptop because Liam's seven favorite stuffed animals have pushed me over the limit of what is humanly possibly to haul through an airport. Only time will tell how often I am able to gain access to a computer. It's always an adventure trying to sneak into my in law's kitchen to get on the Internet before one of them hears me and wants to chat or hop on eBay "just for a second" to see if he won anything (I keep trying to tell him it's actually buying, not winning). Let the games begin!

Fortunately I have a little gas in my car because Bill is out and so are the gas stations around town. Doesn't that seem a little strange? It's not like one gas station ran out of gas. Many gas stations are out of gas. I hope the airport filled up before this apparent shortage struck. That would suck.


Courtney said...

Funny post! Have a safe, fun trip!

Katie said...

What do you mean "out of gas"? Is this something normal in the south? I don't ever remember this happening in Reno. Seriously...what is the deal?