Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate fountain.

This morning, I was getting my stuff together for a quick trip to Target when I realized I was tossing graham crackers and a banana into my purse instead of my diaper bag. I thought about it for a moment and realized I've been carrying a purse a lot lately. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I used my diaper bag.

I should write about that, I thought. Not using a diaper bag is like a really big milestone.

It may not be a big milestone for most moms but it is for me. My son is a little, um, how should I say this...? Spoiled. There, I said it. My son is spoiled. I have trained him to think that whatever he wants will just magically appear the moment he asks for it. Oh, you want to eat a strawberry fruit leather while reading Pinky the Pig and drawing in your striped notebook (the small striped notebook, not the big one) with a blue crayon? Done.

I prided myself on being able to predict his wants and needs better than he could. I thought I was being a good mom. Now I'm afraid all this catering to him business has created a needy little monster. I'm determined to unspoil him and get him to go with the flow a little bit more. Perhaps that's why I've been leaving the diaper bag at home.

At any rate, I was feeling foot loose and fancy free as we stepped out of the house this morning. I was pointing out upcoming bridges and then counting down until we were underneath and screaming, "Wheeeeee!" I was waving at school buses, counting to diez in Spanish, pointing out big trucks and the city and the river. I was totally on top of my game.

"Mama, I'm kinda thirsty," Liam said from the backseat.

"How about some chocolate milk?" I asked in a super fun sing songy voice, revealing the sippy cup I snuck into the car and flashing him a smile. I was nailing this trip to Target!

I waited for a red light and then flipped the straw cover back before handing him his drink. As soon as the straw popped out, a fountain of chocolate milk shot out of the cup and all over the steering wheel and, of course, my lap. There was so much milk gushing from the straw I had time to turn around to see if Liam was catching the show and turn back to see still more chocolate milk splashing onto my jeans. I finally had to stick the straw in my mouth (gross) and drink until it stopped.

My first instinct was to wipe down the cup so I could hand it to Liam and take stock of the situation at hand. Wanna guess what didn't make it from my diaper bag to my purse? That's right, my wipes. I don't think this was the first time I needed a wipe and didn't have one because the stash of napkins that comes standard with every car's glove compartment was totally depleted as well.

The light turned green as I blotted and wiped the best I could with ATM receipts and gum wrappers. Liam was still a little in shock at what had happened. "Mama, you're all chocolatey. You are covered in chocolate milk!" Then he started saying something about throwing pennies in the fountain to make some wishes. "Buddy, do you want to make a wish that Mama wasn't so chocolatey?" He was drinking the milk by now and simply replied, "mmm-hmm." He may have thought we were on our way to the fountain at the library, but if I know my boy he was probably trying to figure out how to help. He may be spoiled but he's certainly no brat.

At Target, I tried to stay close to the cart to hide my wet lap but couldn't resist letting Liam get down and explore. Soon the milk was dry and I had all but forgotten about the incident. I was abandoning the cart altogether to chase Liam down aisles and help him see the Halloween decorations he couldn't reach. I got a few strange looks but it probably had more to do with my curious toddler blocking the aisles than it did my stained jeans.

When we got back in the car I reached into the bag of Halloween candy and pulled out the York Peppermint Pattie I had promised Liam for being such a good boy at the store. I had already gotten him all pumped up for the chocolate mint (A treat? For me? Really?) when I realized it was a little bit melted. I considered trying to pull the ol' switcheroo with a graham cracker but figured, what's one more mess?

As soon as the candy was out of the wrapper it was a complete disaster. Not two seconds after I handed the melty, chocolately mess to Liam, he asked for a wipe. I just laughed and explained that we'd have to wait until we got home. I expected a fight but it never came. He just ate his melted chocolate and licked his messy fingers. How's that for going with the flow?

He's a chocolate covered sweetheart.


Callie said...

we have those sippy cups and they do that ALL the time. Sorry you had to go to Target all milky.

Halie said...

I'm always wondering why I can't ever find a shirt without a stain...

Crazy Mama said...

I love that picture of him. You need to frame that and give it to his wife with his hankerchief from the shower:)