Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just in time for Halloween.

There's a reason scary movies are scarier when little kids are in them: Kids are creepy. Think about Danny or those bloody twins in The Shining. They were by far the most terrifying part. At night when you're laying in bed and suddenly think of the Overlook Hotel, it's not Jack axing down the door and saying, "Here's Johnny!" that freaks you out; it's those kid voices saying, "Danny, come plaaaaay with us..." I'm freaked out just thinking about them!

Liam's not a particularly freaky kid but on more than one occasion he's scared the bejezzus out of us.

One night I was in the bath when Bill busted through the bathroom door. "Liam just woke up crying and saying, Mama is all wet cause she's in the bath." I smiled. "Maybe he heard the water running?" Bill just looked at me. "Yeah," he scoffed. "Or maybe he has the shining."

Another time, Liam woke up from a nap crying and when I went in to get him he was just standing in the corner of his crib with his eyes closed. Nothing I did seemed to matter; he just stood there, silently staring at me through his closed eyelids. Finally I backed out of his room and shut the door behind me. Whatever that was needed to be worked out on his own.

At bedtime, after we've read our books and sang our songs, I sometimes rock him in the dark for a little bit to settle him down. Once in a while he will go from quietly resting against me to sitting up straight as an arrow and staring at me. Our faces are close together and I can see the shimmer of his eyes even in the dark. Sometimes he'll grab my hair or touch my face. These things would probably be sweet during the day but in the dark they totally creep me out.

Liam isn't afraid of the dark at all. In fact, he sometimes likes to play in his room with the light off. I think it started when Bill gave him a flashlight and showed him how to make shadows but I'm not sure. The other night, the two of them were in Liam's room when Bill yelled for me to come play with them. I opened the door and the light from the hall spilled into his pitch black room making them both squint.

"Mama, shut the door! We're playing in the dark."

Bill kind of giggled like you do when you're scared but want to act tough. "Yeah, Liam's camping and White Bi is his tent. So, you know, he's just sitting in the middle of a dark room under a white blanket..."

"Ooohhh...like that creepy movie where Nicole Kidman's kids are ghosts and the one is under a blanket like all, I am your daughter, but she's not? Gross."


We know Liam is not a creepy ghost but still. Still...


Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I was stalking your blog. Now I have awarded your blog. (I think that makes me un-stalked.)

Katie said...

When JT was about 2 weeks old I was gazing at his gorgeous face and I swear he opened up his eyes and said he was the devil...does that make me crazy?

LClaire said...

I thought about this on Halloween as I watched scary movies . . .