Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag, you're it.

Or I guess, technically, I'm it. My friend Anna tagged me and since I'm just sitting around down here in the dumps not coming up with anything clever to say, I figured sure. Why not? Let's do a little tag and see if that gets things flowing. So here we go...
Open your pictures folder, go to the SIXTH folder and publish the SIXTH picture.
Oh, cool. I like this one. It's a picture I took one night in my photography class. The folder said April 2008 but I seem to remember freezing my butt off that night so it might have been filed wrong.

We were practicing night photography, specifically how to make pictures look like they were taken at night without really taking them at night (you know, cause when it's really night you just have to use the flash and that's what we were trying to avoid).

I didn't have a tripod but a guy in my class let me use one of his. It wasn't a tripod so much as a tripod with one leg - a one pod? It was like a plastic pirate's peg leg I screwed onto my camera. It felt very unstable. Like if I got sidetracked even for a second the whole kit and caboodle would go crashing to the ground. I am way to clumsy for a tripod with one leg. I need at least three times that much stability. Especially when the camera and the one pod are borrowed.

I white knuckled it for about 3 minutes before thanking the guy and getting the heck out of there. I didn't want to insult his generosity but knew myself way better than to actually use unstable equipment. Besides, I was freezing and that whole Be careful not to drop the camera in the parking lot! business had made me a little uneasy. I think this is the only picture I took that night that I liked. Lucky number six, I guess.

Well, OK, that made me feel a little better. Thanks, Anna.

You'll never believe what happened today. Bill called from work and asked, "How you livin?" to which I obviously replied, "In mansions and Benzes, givin' ends to my friends and it feels stupendous." How often do you get set up to quote Notorious BIG? Not often enough, I tell you. Not often enough.


I am two-thirds of the way done making our Halloween costumes and have not spent a single dime. Not one cent! Would you like to see a couple teaser photos now or should we wait for Halloween? Well? Are you a shake the presents kind of kid or do you like to wait for Christmas morning?

Me, I hate surprises.


Anna said...

woot! i'm pretty sure tagging is like the blogger equivalent of a slam book, but it was fun! :) um, you are very cruel for not going ahead and spilling the beans on your halloween costumes. i'm impressed that you even have an idea of what to be. i thought we were going to do a family star wars thing, but richie totally shot that down. now i'm back to square 1. ugg!

Katie said...

Eddie is famous for quoting Too Short and Easy E when I ask him a question! That is funny that you do it too.