Monday, October 20, 2008

We voted!

Tonight was our second attempt at early voting and we came out victorious. Woo hoo!

Liam and I tried to vote on the first day of early voting but ended up in the story room with a couple of box turtles and a baby screech owl instead. The line to vote spanned the entire length of the library and neither of us had enough snacks or patience to give it a go. Tonight the line was much more doable, although still surprisingly long for early voting.

Bill and I tried to take turns holding Liam so neither of us would have to vote with him on our hip but it didn't quite work out. As I was waiting for my ID to be verified, I noticed Bill getting his ID verified. Without Liam. He didn't look worried so I figured he had it under control.

Suddenly Liam burst into the room saying, "I gotcha, Dada!" Then he saw me and ran over to get me, too. "Gotcha, Mama!" I told him it was my turn to vote and we held hands and walked to the booth together. As the volunteer set up my machine and showed me how to use it, I scooped Liam up and tried to quickly explain the importance of what we were doing.

"We're going to vote?"

"Yes, Liam! We're going to vote!"

"Um, Mama? I'm hungry and thirsty."

Fortunately it only took a moment to press the touch screen and hit the red VOTE button. I gave Liam a little squeeze and a high five. "Buddy, we did it. We voted!" And just like that, as if on cue, he burst out chanting, "Yes, we can! Yes, we can!" He continued chanting as Bill and I smiled at each other proudly across the room. He chanted all the way through the library and out into the parking lot. "Yes, we can! Yes, we can!"

Yes, we can.


Anna said...

awesome! i haven't been able to time it right yet, but i'm determined to early vote. we've been trying to teach owen to say 'barack obama' but he doesn't quite get it, so he's taken to calling me 'barack o-mama'. it's pretty hilarious!

Sandra Winfrey said...

Good for you! I spent 15-20 minutes waiting in line today. I figured it would be easier with one less child. I suppose it would just be easier with NO children. I'm going to try again on Saturday, and this time go alone. I probably could have stuck it out today ... but waiting in a line for an hour 1/2 well exceeded anything Thomas was capable of.