Sunday, November 30, 2008

For the Grandma who has everything.

I am gift-giving challenged, especially when it comes to our parents. I can never come up with anything they might want or need and hate the idea of being an accomplice to their ever-shrinking storage space.

I'm also a really bad shopper. I over-think and under-spend and have a really hard time making decisions. Give me a month and I will waste it hemming and hawing and driving all over town just to come home empty handed. One year I hesitated so much we ended up picking out Christmas gifts for our family in the Nashville airport while waiting to board our flight home to Reno. We showed up with Titans sweatshirts, country music cds, and local specialties like Jack Daniels and Goo Goo Clusters. It was probably our best gift-giving to date.

This year, rather than drive myself crazy trying to figure out birthday gifts for each of our moms less than a month before Christmas, I decided to try something different. I know from personal experience (I just had a birthday...) that receiving a thoughtful birthday card can be just as sweet as getting an actual gift (even sweeter if your home is dangerously close to its maximum capacity for stuff). Throw in a couple pictures of a painfully cute grandson and you've got yourself a birthday happy that's hard to beat.

It was really easy to make and turned out even cuter than I had hoped. I glued three blank cards together to create the accordian and attached the pictures with self adhesive photo corners. We wrote our well wishes on the back and tied the whole thing up with a pretty pink ribbon.

It's small enough to be kept tucked into a purse for an instant brag book (a requirement for all grandmas), but sturdy enough to be displayed on the mantle without looking too slapdash. And, since it's not a permanent frame, they won't have to feel obligated to find a place for it. I think it's the best non-gift gift I've even given!


Sara McGinness said...

Hi, my name is Sara. I went to school with your sister Molly and found your blog through another Reno blogger. I have never commented before but wanted to "de-lurk" based on your last post that no one comments.

PLUS I love this idea. it is genius and is one of the best grandparent/parents gift I had heard of.

Maggie Conran said...

thanks, sara! i love getting comments because it's the only way i know who is reading this blog. it's always nice to meet a reader. especially one who knows my sister! ;)

Callie said...

Great idea! Love it. I've been giving lots of photos and I think the grandmas are running out of space too.

Girl Healthy said...

Gasp! Wow! I love this and I'm going to make one. You are so brilliant!

Katie said...

I am so proud of you! I love the look of the photo corners.
Your mom and Grandma FancyPants will love it!