Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Christmas tree.

We're kicking off our fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols...

- Clark W. Griswold

I'm with Clark. The Christmas tree is of utmost importance. It's the tradition by which all other Christmas traditions pale in comparison. Without a tree, Christmas is just like Thanksgiving with presents. And traffic. No, without a tree, Christmas is not really Christmas at all.

Like Clark, I am wildly delusional about how the holidays should go down. But unlike Clark, I have realized that my ideas of grandeur are sometimes better kept tucked away with the sugar plum fairies that dance in my head. Not all ideas are meant to be executed.

In theory, hiking in the snow as a family to find and chop down a tree (or pull it out by the roots in Clark's case) sounds festive and fun and like the only way to properly carry out such an important tradition. But in reality? Not so much. At least not for us right now. I imagine Bill and I would spend the better part of the day fighting over whose turn it was to carry our half frozen two year old while cursing cold weather and lopsided trees.

Maybe when Liam's a little older we'll become the tartan-clad jolly bunch of carolers I aspire to be, but for now we'll take the path of least resistance.

Sometimes even that is a little much.

Take our first attempt at getting a Christmas tree for example. We piled into our four-wheel drive sleigh with Christmas music blaring and hot apple cider in to-go cups. But wouldn't you know it, by the time we got to the wilds of Home Depot, it was raining.

I love this sign with the downpour in the background.

"Brrr...it's kinda cold out here!"

"These trees are a little wet."

"I'm thirsty!"

So we gave up on getting a tree and headed inside to wander around.

Meanwhile, all of our Christmas decorations had already been brought out of the basement and strewn about in anticipation of a tree.

Not exactly the Martha Stewart look I was going for.

A week later, the pile of decorations that had taken over our kitchen was about to drive me crazy so I called Bill at work and asked him to grab a tree on his way home. How's that for a fun old fashioned family Christmas? Clark would be so disappointed.

But I think our tree is great! And with no cold toes to spoil it, the idea of us pulling Liam in a wooden sled while sipping hot cocoa and singing fa la la la la is as perfect as it will ever be, safe and sound in my imagination.

All of the jolly, none of the work. Take that, Griswolds!


MarvelousMOM said...

We have those same boots!!!! The tree looks wonderful.

Katie said...

We have gone tree hunting numerous times, and it never lives up to my imagination! Plus, I feel sad for cutting down a perfectly good tree in a beautiful setting. So, this year we bought one from Reed High football players. But, we did drink hot cocoa in to go cups.