Monday, December 29, 2008

The week after Christmas.

T'was four days after Christmas and all through my home,
The guests had packed up...I was actually alone.
From my good friend from high school and her little boy,

To my sis and her husband and Santa and toys,

Our home has been full for a couple of weeks!
Now it's back to just us - the three Conran peeps.
We've packed up the ornaments and lights in a box,
And the bright yellow star Liam made for up top.

We had such a great time with all of our friends,
It's hard to believe that this is the end.
The board games and movies and cookies and wine,

Were just some of the many fun ways we spent time.
We skated and slept late and talked and went shopping,

We hung out together and played some air hockey!

We ignored Liam's nap to see the Grinch made of ice,

He said thanks with a wasn't so nice.

We ate good country food like biscuits and pork,

And Liam ate a pancake! No need for a fork.

At a crafty dinner party we made Christmas tree bling,

Like three wise Chuck Norris' and an angelic King.

Before our guests came we also had fun,
With parties and babysitters and time one-on-one!

But the happiest part of my Christmas vacation,
Was how often my child showed appreciation.
He'd open a gift and then 20 minutes later,
We'd have to convince him to open another.
"I'm happy with what I have," he would say.
And my heart would explode as I'd watch my son play.
Even the littlest things brought him joy,
Like a toothbrush or ruler or polar bear toy.

Christmas is merry when good hearts are around,
And Liam made this year the best I have found!

So that's where I've been for the month of December,
I hope your holiday season was one to remember!


Courtney said...


Anna said...

dang that viral pharyngitis for keeping us apart over the holidays :( the listers are all well now and ready for some conran hang time. let's do it!

Katie said...

Your ability to make me laugh and cry in the same posting is amazing! Give yourself a huge pat on the back!

Erick Dubuque said...

Love the poem...We had such a wonderful time with you guys!

sunny @ hooprama said...


Girl Healthy said...

As if your Christmas card wasn't cute enough, now you've gone and turned your December into a poem! You're the like the mom-of-the-year for all time!

hezza said...

you are the rhyminocerous.