Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm free! Let's go get some groceries.

Yesterday, after mommy-and-me Spanish and story time at the library, Liam and I drove all the way across town to get alphabet cookies at Trader Joe's. This is a highly unusual thing for me to do, squeezing three activities into one day. One morning, no less! Two is a lot as it is. Three? That's just crazy talk.

But I've been wanting to let go; to go with the flow instead of trying to control every last detail of my life. In the grand scheme of things, what I know and what I know I don't know pale in comparison to what I don't know I don't know (you dig?). Why hold on so tight if it just means steering myself away from all that is possible?

So when Liam said he wanted alphabet cookies, I went with it. Who cares if it was almost lunch time? So what if he was whining to go home before I even got on the interstate? I was not about to over think my decision; I was going with the flow. And it felt good to let go. So much more effortless than I thought it would.

Although, I wouldn't exactly call the leg kicking frog jump pose I did in yoga to liberate myself over the weekend effortless. Exhilarating, yes. Ridiculous, absolutely. But you don't end up face down on a yoga mat, panting like one of those hyenas on The Lion King with your tongue hanging out of your open, grinning mouth without a little effort.

The effort apparently payed off though because here I was on an unscheduled trip across town to get cookies after an already full morning. At lunch time! That's about as liberated as I've been in a long time.

And the thrills didn't stop there. Once we got to the store, we were treated to the best customer service I have experienced in a long time. In the six minutes we were there, three different employees went out of their way to be nice to us. Three! That's unheard of, even for a fantastic store like Trader Joe's.

The second we got inside a woman stopped to compliment Liam on his frog boots and listened intently as he randomly counted all his fingers. As soon as she walked away, another woman came over to ask Liam if he would like a small shopping cart to push around all by himself. It was pretty clear that he didn't but she insisted on going to get one "just in case she changed her mind." (I know he's got a pretty face but he was wearing a flight jacket and blue striped pants. A girl? Really?) Then the man at the check out counter asked Liam his name and offered him a balloon - a balloon with a string that had already been fashioned into a slip knot!

I was totally blown away. I didn't know if it was because I let go and allowed myself to be open to everything good the universe has to offer or if that's just what it's like to grocery shop in the suburbs (please don't tell me if it is...), but it was the greatest trip to a grocery store anyone has ever experienced ever.

When strangers are nice to my son for no reason, it completely warms my heart. Even when they think he's a girl.


Katie said...

JT has a "pretty" face too and the same thing happens to Cal ALL the time. Even when he is wearing baby camo pants and a helicopter shirt. It is fine...

hezza said...

yay to allowing things in!
Liam doesn't look like a girl at all, that woman was clearly insane.
And the service at Trader Joe's is amazing. It's worth going back for even if the groceries weren't awesome and cheap.