Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laundry room redux.

Do you recall about six months ago when I was forced decided to re-do my laundry room? Of course you don't. I barely remember that and it's on my to-do list. Six months in between the before an after is enough to make even the biggest DIY fan lose interest. What can I say? These things take time. Like four days of work and six months of procrastination. Just take a moment to refresh yourself and we'll revel in the finished product together.

You with me? Let's do this.

Here is what the laundry room looked like before before, as in before the paint spilled on the floor:

And here is what it looks like now:

I'm sure you're thinking I thought you said this was a laundry room. So where the heck's your washer and dryer? Well, that's part of the reason this little project took me so long. I didn't just slap on a coat of paint, I rearranged appliances. That's no small feat. Especially for me and the mister who are both completely lacking the home improvement gene. Thank goodness for friends who know what they're doing and are willing to help.

Liam's helping, his own way.

Here are our washer and dryer in their new home, against a different wall.

Now you see them...

Now you don't!

That handy dandy curtain is the other reason this project took me so long. The painting and rearranging and shelf hanging really only took me a couple of weeks; I've been almost done with this room for months. But the room dividing curtain was key to the finished project so I had to make it happen.

My idea was to hang curtains on a hospital-style ceiling track so I could whoosh! open the curtain every time I needed to toss a load of clothes in the dryer. But I had trouble figuring out exactly how to order what I needed and couldn't commit to spending a hundred bucks online for something that may or may not be awesome.

Several trips to Home Depot left me confused and defeated and wondering why no one had marketed hospital curtains to home-owners (it's a great idea!). On our fifth and final attempt, we decided to try a vertical blind hanging kit we found on clearance. We figured for $20, we could probably make it work.

And we did. Sort of. The track holds the curtain just like I wanted it to but the whoosh! I was hoping for is more of a sonofabitch! why won't this motherfucking thing open?!? We can't have that every time I do laundry so I hung some curtain tie backs and accepted the fact that this is every bit as good as my original idea.

Let's take another look, shall we? Laundry room...

Pretty room!

I've got all my crafty stuff stashed in here and am excited to have a creative place to work. I might even add a desk or a work table at some point. Maybe. We'll see. For now, this project is DONE!


Girl Healthy said...

Bravo!! Wanna help me with my bathroom? I've been meaning to transform it now for a month.

sunT said...

thats awesome.. great job! i might need to know who these "friends" are when i go to move my washer and dyer.

LClaire said...


hezza said...

I remember when this began.
It looks great, great job!

sunT said...

thought of you when i saw this