Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HELLO my name is three.

Either there is something magical about turning three or taking Liam out of school was the best decision we could have made.

Something new to learn everywhere we look.

It's like he's a different boy. He has tons of creative energy and runs around the house all day like an excited puppy. He says funny things like, "that's gross," and, "I'm a Steve/Joe hybrid," and keeps me in stitches most of the day. He makes funny noises and comes up with silly nonsense words to crack himself up. He even started climbing on furniture (like tables!) - something he has never, ever done before.

The whining and clinging have pretty much stopped and he has an independent streak racing through him. Yesterday after lunch he went into his room and shut the door. When I popped in to check on him, he asked me to go back to the kitchen so he could have some alone time. He has always enjoyed his alone time but never requested it quite like that. Maybe he took it to heart when I told him that alone time helps both of us feel happy?

When we go to the park or the book store, he gladly holds my hand and walks instead of begging to be carried. This is huge. In fact, the only time he's asked to be carried lately was a few days ago at the park. We randomly decided to go for a long walk that I was completely unprepared for - no snacks, drinks, or stroller and there were two sets of little legs instead of one (we had to get away from the playground STAT - some 7 year old hippie kid punched Liam in the arm and I was afraid I might kill him or cut his hair if we stuck around much longer). We were on the home stretch when Liam got too tired to go on. He sat down in the grass as I carried our little friend toward the car yelling. "C'mon, Liam! You have to walk, buddy. I can't carry both of you." He didn't budge. "But Mamaaaa...I'm two!"

So, maybe it is just a three year old thing? Although I do think not going to school has something to do with it. It's like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He's so happy. And confident. Like he's more comfortable in his skin. I definitely think that could have something to do with us listening to him and respecting his choices. Wouldn't that make anyone feel good?

Hard rocker, heart throbber.

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Halie said...

Okay- sooooo like my Ava. That is why I've decided to homeschool. I can't bear to lose that spirit, and see her so STRESSED OUT...at the ripe age of 4! Some kids just need it I think. I figure that when they're ready to handle that kind of stress, they'll let us know. Until then- we are both very happy with the homeschool route!