Friday, February 6, 2009

The party's over.

Yesterday was my darling Liam's third birthday. In just three short years, we've gone from this:

To this:I was lucky enough to catch this moment yesterday while spending a little one-on-one with the birthday boy. Liam had baby polar bear all wrapped up so they could go down the slide together on his tummy (like "SCUBA diving") when I spotted something I knew I had seen before. The swaddled baby, the loving was like going back to another place in time and reliving the past from a different point of view.

What a celebration.

As for birth day 2009, I ignored my better judgment and went with the time-honored tradition of whomever has the birthday has the say. I'll tell you, it might sound like a good idea to let the birthday boy call the shots but here's the thing: three year olds make bad decisions.

Like, eating nothing but cupcakes all day long! Sure it's fun at the time but before you know it you've got nothing but unstable blood sugar and an attitude (not to mention a really weird diaper). But, what can you do? Massive sugar consumption one day out of the year is not going to kill him. It's his birthday!

Eyes on the prize.

Eat your heart out.

Yes, they are all his...

...but he only ate the frosting.

Today I had my work cut out for me. Trying to unspoil a child is tough, even if he's only been spoiled for one day. It probably didn't help that he was coming down from that sugar high. Whew! One way or another, we survived, and are looking forward to a quiet weekend. And an amazing year.


Anna said...

i'm making an appointment with my eye dr....surely i am seeing this picture wrong. my child is eating an apple instead of cupcakes? can't be.

hezza said...

Liam and I need to hang out more often.
He likes the frosting. I like the cake.