Thursday, February 26, 2009


My husband has been out of town since Saturday which means Liam and I have been home alone for almost a week. This was a first for us. The only time I can remember being in my house overnight without another grown up was a few weeks ago when I accidentally locked Bill out of the house and he had to sleep off a whole bunch of wine on our friend's futon. I don't think that really counts though because I didn't realize I was alone until he staggered home the next morning and knocked on the door.

I didn't know what it would be like without Bill around but found it was a lot better than I expected. I never got scared or lonely or bored and instead of being exhausted from 24/7 Liam duty, I was happy to have some special time with my little guy. He was nothing but good the entire time. Well, almost the entire time.

The first night he wailed, "I miss Dada!" for almost 10 minutes when I put him to bed. We had called to say goodnight and when Liam heard Bill's voice his chin started to quiver and he had to fight back tears. After that, he wouldn't talk to or about Bill at all. He talked a lot about other people he missed (our friends, my sister and her husband, his stuffed dog we lost 8 months ago...) and when he woke up from his nap today and found out the baby I've been watching all week had gone home for the day, he started to cry because he missed "him" so much.

I'm telling you, this kid will break your heart if you're not careful.

The reason I never got scared or lonely or bored is not because I didn't miss my husband but because I didn't have time to miss him. I had so much TV to catch up on. Like full seasons of shows that Bill won't watch with me, just sitting on Tivo, waiting for me to get a lazy streak. This week was the perfect opportunity. Every night after I put Liam to bed, I got in my bed and watched episodes of Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy until I fell asleep. It was awesome. Perfect for a hermit like me who hasn't had a moment of alone time since taking Liam out of school.

I love my husband and I did miss him but dammit if that wasn't some kind of mini-vacation.

Now we're off to the airport to get our man. I didn't want to post about him being gone until he was back because I didn't want any psychos finding me online and stalking me. Thanks, Dateline NBC! A little of that crap goes a long way. No wonder I have to wait for Bill to go out of town to watch it.


Callie said...

how fun! I'm too much of a baby to be alone for that long but it would be nice.

Katie said...

OMG you crack me up! As a mom who is without her husband for days at a time, I can relate. It is nice to have the bed to yourself and to not put a bra on if you don't want to! Plus, you can eat cereal every meal if you wanted:)

Bill said...

its nice to be missed. no need to be worried while i'm away. our trusty, anxiety wrapped dog will defend you. fyi, we're totally cool with ya'll not wearing bras.

No Mommy Brain said...

katie - i ate cereal for almost every meal!