Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It may be a sin but thank god it isn't deadly.

Liam ran off to "look at himself in the mirror" (or mirrah - he pronounces it just like Bill's mom!) and 30 seconds later I heard a CRASH! followed by Mamaaa?! followed by lots and lots of crying.

I didn't have the heart to tell him he was in for 7 years bad luck. He was already pretty devastated that A.) he broke something and it was really, really loud, and B.) he could no longer look at himself in the mirror. No sense adding insult to injury. Or, in our case, insult to no injury. I mean, come on. How lucky are we? That could have been a real disaster. Thank goodness he was wearing his PPE (personal protective equipment or rainboots) at the time of the incident!

A friend recently asked me what was up with the boots. You know, because he is wearing them in almost every single photo I have taken of him in the last three to six months. She was probably thinking, "Man, Nashville must be really rainy!" It's not. He just really likes wearing those boots. He can put them on and take them off by himself and they look good with his signature looks - a green striped shirt and brown pants (if you've seen Blue's Clues I don't need to tell you what inspired that) or footie pajamas.

You'll notice that today he isn't wearing either of his go-to outfits. It may look like his usual garb but I can assure you it is markedly different. For one, this outfit took at least an hour to put together. All of his favorites were either dirty or in the wash so he simply refused to get dressed. We didn't have anywhere we had to be so I just let him run around the house in his diaper. I was not about to engage in a fight like that first thing in the morning. Besides, I figured if he got cold enough he would probably revisit his dresser drawers on his own.

Sure enough, an hour or so after I quit the fight, he came out of his room with two shirts in his hand. I helped him put them on and handed him a clean pair of brown pants I found in the dryer. He touched them a few times, turning them over in his hands to get a really good look before smelling them (who does that?) and declaring them "too bad" to wear.

If I hadn't withheld making banana muffins and finger painting, he might never have put them on.

A really good technique if you want paint on EVERYTHING.

And with that I'm off to finish the laundry.

"Love" - by Liam


bill said...

nice safety reference (PPE's
). my colleagues will get a kick out of that one.

MarvelousMOM said...

We've got the same boots. I'm glad he wasn't hurt!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC! Love your blog.