Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring forward.

Is it just me or did the whole daylight savings thing seem to come out of nowhere? It caught me completely by surprise. I was minding my own business, sitting around a backyard fire with friends telling ghost stories when someone broke the bad news. I had just said, "I can't believe it's almost three in the morning," when they corrected me with the unfortunate news. "Actually, it's daylight savings tonight..." Three in the morning is one thing but four in the morning? I am way too old for that.

We've been completely thrown off ever since. We slept late on Sunday (I'm not going to tell you how late because you will either think I'm lying or hate me for having a 3 year old who will sleep in like that) and forgot to change the clocks until we realized we put Liam down for a nap at 5:30 pm.

Oops! No more nap for sleepy pants. It was actually the third day in a row he didn't take a nap. He rested in his bed each day but never fell asleep. Three days of not enough sleep is all it takes to have a major impact on him. By bedtime last night, Liam was stubborn and loud and hyper and not cooperating with a single thing we asked him to do. I didn't know if Bill was going to make it until lights out or not. He looked at me while we were double-teaming Liam with a toothbrush and said, "He acts just like other kids when he gets this tired!"

Ah, yes. Preaching to the choir, my friend.

I am a major sleep advocate and think Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Childby Dr. Marc Weissbluth is possibly the greatest parenting book ever written. It's like, Just make sure your kids sleep enough and everything else will be fine. I totally believe that is true.

After Liam went to bed last night he laid in the dark talking and singing for hours. Even though he was exhausted, he still could not fall asleep (damn sleep deprivation cycle!). And then this morning, he woke up much earlier than I expected him to and was grumpy right from the get go. I got him down for an earlier nap than usual to try to get back on track (he even took a bath first!) but he is still in there not sleeping. what? He is clearly tired but I can't force him to sleep. Or can I? I will need to revisit my sleep bible and see what the good doctor recommends. But first, I guess I will admit defeat and go get Liam up from his nap. Yes, he can climb out of his bed by himself now but I'm happy to say he has yet to do it without asking first. Although if that's what "other kids" do, it may soon be on the horizon.


Katie said...

HA! I talk about "other kids" too! Little did I know that JT is that kid sometimes! And yes, I would have been in the hating you category if you had told me how late you slept. JT is awake by 7:15 at the latest every morning, and it is usually around 6:40. And Cal gets up to eat around 5am, so that pretty much is how I start my day:(

CelinaQ said...

That's one thing I love about living in Hawaii--no daylight savings! What does suck is that now everyone on the mainland is even more ahead of us, time wise, so it makes it more challenging to get to talk with people...