Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here.

I am so happy that Nashville weather cooperated with the first day of Spring today. I don't like it when the calendar says one thing and the weather says another. If it's Spring, it should feel like Spring!

We spent as much time outside today as we could, soaking up the sun and preparing our garden for a whole slew of home-grown goodness. We will be planting lots of tomatoes and herbs, some different types of lettuce and spinach, yellow squash and zucchini, peppers, strawberries and watermelon. Bill had a pretty straightforward plan but Liam and I got excited at Home Depot and started grabbing willy-nilly at all the pretty seed packets. Who knows what we'll end up harvesting this summer?

Today I cleared out the garden and turned the soil. It was a big job but fortunately I had lots of help.

When Liam wasn't busy blowing bubbles, he was putting dirt in the watering can, pretending it was snow and saying, "shway," (my rough translation of snow in Chinese - thanks, Ni Hao, Kai-lan!) as he poured it out. Most of the dirt ended up back on the ground but one watering can full went right over Sia's head (and down her back and into her diaper...). I guess he just couldn't help himself. Instead of getting upset at Liam for covering her in dirt, she immediately grabbed as much dirt as she could and threw it all over herself. Liam, who started the whole thing, was mortified. "Mama!" he cried. "Sia's covered in shway!" I couldn't help but giggle. And I knew he was talking about snow!

This weekend we will add our compost and get ready to plant. Let's hope the springy weather is here to stay!

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