Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tough love.

"Mama! I need you!" I woke with a start and turned to look at the clock. Whew. It was way earlier than usual for a Sunday.

"Liam," I croaked toward the door between our rooms. "Can you be patient for 5 minutes or do you need me right now?"

"I need you right now!"

I got up and stumbled into his room. As soon as I opened the door, I could smell what the problem was. Still, I was only half awake so I asked, "What's wrong, Buddy?"

"Well," he started slowly, coming up with some clues on the fly. "It's something that I do, that goes bwauh (he made a funny little noise and did his hand like a magician saying poof!), that needs to be changed."

"Is it a clean diaper?"


"Oh, I mean, is it a dirty diaper?"

"Yes! Good job, Mama."

"Thanks. Let's get you changed."

"OK!" He was so chipper. "There's poop all over me!"


"And baby polar bear is all wet!"


"Mama," he suddenly sounded much less excited. "Poop makes me really sad."

"Yeah, Buddy. Me too."

As I removed his wet and poopy jammies and quarantined the wet friends from the dry ones and ushered my super happy naked boy down the hall to the shower and scrubbed and washed his soft but filthy skin and slathered yummy smelling lotion all over him and dressed him in his favorite chick shirt and filled the washing machine with all the soiled bedding and everything else within a two foot radius and made pancakes with Liam and got cozy on the couch to eat and watch Ni Hau, Kai-lan, it hit me:

I really need a curfew and bedtime.

From now on I am going to plan to be in bed (preferably asleep) no later than midnight. Even on weekends (Liam's internal clock certainly doesn't know the difference). Sure, there will be occasions when this will seem completely absurd and arbitrary but I'm gonna need a really really good reason to break the rule.

I've seen Liam thrive on a schedule and somewhat strict parenting; maybe it's time I had a little tough love as well.

PS - The reason he called to me this morning instead of climbing into my bed all poopy (thank God for small miracles) is because two nights ago he asked if we could put the rail back on his crib. We're going to follow his lead and when he says he's ready to take it off again, we'll do it. We figure it's kind of like potty training - if you force it before the child is ready, it's a lot harder on everyone. Or so I hear. I obviously (see above) know nothing about potty training. I keep waiting for signs of readiness but have not seen any yet. I can't help but wonder, if waking up covered in his own feces doesn't make him want to use the potty, what the heck will?


Sandra Winfrey said...

Does he have a tummy ache ... or does he normally explode through his diaper? Hope not!

No Mommy Brain said...

walmart was out of the brand we usually use and the substitute we tried did not exactly do the job. yuck. no tummy ache, though. thanks for asking! :)

erin said...

boo bedtimes. :)

Katie said...

before midnight!!! Crazy, my kids are up by 7, if I make it to the end of NCIS by 10 I am lucky!
JT is totally uninterested in potty training too:(

No Mommy Brain said...

yeah, without a bedtime, i stay up way too late, way too often. last night i got in bed just under the wire and all we did was have a couple friends over for dinner. you can imagine how late it can get when i'm intending to have fun!