Friday, March 13, 2009

Wishful thinking.

If this was the kind of blog that had giveaways or contests, today's post would look something like this:

I know I'm not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with my pets. Pet owners everywhere, please post a 10 word comment describing what makes you love/hate the furry friends in your life. I'll get you started...

Cute, yes. But someone barfed a hairball on my sheets.

The first place winner gets Gretchen (the one on the right). Second place gets Mr.Bird. Good luck!

Since this is not the kind of blog with giveaways or contests, the following list will have to suffice.

Things I hate about cat hair shedding season:
  1. Vacuuming 11 times a day and still finding tufts of cat hair everywhere.

  2. Hair balls - hearing a cat yak one up under my bed, stepping on a camouflaged one on the area rug and not realizing it until after I tracked it all over the house, finding a nice wet freshy on my side of the bed... Come to think of it, there's nothing good about hairballs.
If you're bored or up for a pet-centric challenge (it's harder than you think!), go ahead and post a 10 word comment about your love/hate relationship. I promise I won't make you take my cats.


ae said...

My precious angel, Lola, my 10 y/o terrier mix woke me up early one morning this past November with her loud barfing - I turned on the light to investigate, only to learn that she had regurgitated a completely intact $1 bill.

I don't know where she got it from, how long she'd been holding it, or why she felt compelled to eat it in the first place.

What I can tell you is that the incident taught her (and me) nothing.

Several weeks later, Matt and I took some cash out of the ATM to give to some of the young cousins as Christmas presents, and someone (cough)Matt(cough) left it on the coffee table and we went out.

When we got back, we were $40 short.

She was going to the kennel the next day, so we joked that she was planning to pay her own bill - or at least leave a tip.

When we picked her up from the kennel several days later, they said nothing, we said nothing - if they wanted the money that badly, they could have it.

Once again, several weeks later, late at night Lola "made change". This time, the bill was not intact.

We have learned our lesson.

Girl Healthy said...

You know how most cats when they wake up will stretch their front paws out in front of themselves and then stretch their back legs? Well my cat Bailey has decided stretching his front paws on the wall is much more effective. His little claws make sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Eeeeeeeekkk.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

We have 2 cats, 2 dogs and some fish.

I hate that no matter how many times I lint roll my black clothes by the time I get to my destination the cat hair has somehow reappeared.

But I love my cats.

I also hate when my 3 year old comes in the house with both hands, feet and legs covered in "mud" after playing outside.

But I love my dogs.

I hate the fish. They are a good for nothing pet.

Anna said...

my favorite was coming home from a quick trip out of town to find that frannie had decided to go on vacation too...from her litter box. cat poop EVERYWHERE. not exactly the type of warm welcome we were expecting. ick!

Sarah Lindahl said...

Our dog came into our bedroom one lazy Sunday morning and started horking so my husband jumped up to take her outside, but before could, she barfed up an entire bird. G-ross.

hezza said...

My darling Mr. Kitty has the adorable habit of farting hello. Have I ever told you that his farts smell like burritos? nice. Oh, and last weekend he brought a half dead baby chipmunk into the house and spent an hour killing it.
And while Daisy is generally an adorable dog...her penchant for tragic looks and eating cat turds and trash can really try my patience. She's also bark at anything that moves...even a leaf.

CelinaQ said...

Mikey: so adorable. I pet him, then he bites me.

:) I like this little challenge--it's like writing a haiku.

Katie said...

Our 100 lb. lab Porter, where do I start? I need him to sleep with me when Eddie is at work for 48 hours, but other than that he just looks sad and I feel guilty everytime I look out the door at his lonely face. I am very allergic to him, and 5 years of having him has not alleviated that problem:( Plus, he loves to eat brake lines (yes on vehicles) and irrigation hose!!!???

Beaner3 said...

My labish mix - Violet slipped out of my hands on Friday afternoon before I could get the leash on her and took off like a wild child running through the woods, up and down the neighborhood, sometimes disappearing completely - always though completely ignoring my pleas for her to 'come'!

Sweet voice, mean voice, treat promises, nothing worked. She was free and crazed with the taste of it.

Finally with the help of my neighbors she came back - I swatted her (even though I was cussing and threatening to beat her ass while she was running around ignoring me)and put her in the pen outside so she could think about what she'd done.