Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mind over mucus.

At this moment, there is a battle going on in my body. It's between me (the good guy) and some icky funk that started as a tickle in that spot between my nose and my mouth (I think it's called the soft palate) and is trying with all its might to take over my entire head and body (obviously, the bad guy).

But I'm winning! I will win. I have won. Here's my secret:

I don't ever admit to being sick.

Who's sick? Not me. You know why? Because the second I start saying things like I feel like my face might explode from all this sinus pressure or I'm pretty sure I'm dying or even something as innocent as I just have a little cold, the terrorists win. Okay, maybe not the terrorists, but the sickness. The sickness wins! What kind of person just goes around letting the bad guy beat the good guy? Not on my watch, baby!

So, I ignore it. I drink plenty of fluids (like glass after glass of pomegranate & orange juice), take some extra pro-biotics, get plenty of rest, soak in a hot bath full of Epsom salt, and "take a knee" whenever I can (Sure we can watch another Yo Gabba Gabba. Why not?). If I am forced to talk about my current status (like if someone wants me to drink wine or wonders why I have such a romantic voice) I say I'm fighting something off as opposed to I'm a little bit sick. See the distinction?

I have even gone so far as to tell my husband not to ask me how I'm feeling. I mean, I don't want to have to lie to him but I also don't want to tell him the truth and have all that negative sick talk thrown out there. Don't you know that whatever you say (or think) always comes back to bite you on the butt?

Just take my word for it. Last year I was sick for pretty much the entire winter. (True story. You can read it in my archives.) And do you know what I said anytime someone would notice I was still sick? I just can't seem to get better. I think Liam and I are passing it back and forth to each other. We've been sick all winter. And do you know what happened? Exactly what I said! When I finally got over it (after literally 2 or 3 months of suffering, a B-12 shot in the neck and antibiotics), I vowed never again to take something like that lying down.

This winter, I got sick once, briefly, then almost got sick again a few months later but I Jedi mind tricked myself into not getting sick and you know what? It totally worked. It happened (or rather, didn't happen) when Bill was out of town and I was babysitting an infant full time. I so did not have time to be sick. So I stopped it in it's tracks. True story. You can't even read about it in my archives because that's how much it it never happened!

I suppose my improved immune system could have something to do with the fact that I work out much more regularly than I did last year, or the pro-biotics and vitamins I take on a daily basis, but where's the fun in that? Believing I can think myself healthy makes me feel like a warrior (if you are among the 15 people in the world who watch Survivor, you will probably get a chuckle out of me comparing myself to Coach - that guy is crazy...crazy awesome!).

I think I'll go pour myself a tall glass of juice and toast to my health. Cheers!


Katie said...

Mind over matter!
Your attitude determines your altitude in life!
Choose either quote and you are golden, great job Maggie!

Halie said...
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