Sunday, April 26, 2009

Solve for X.

I just noticed that the Saturday routine I have fallen into does not really make sense from a mathematical point of view. Let me see if I can explain.

On a good day, like when I get to bed at a decent hour the night before, I like to wake up early and head to the YMCA for a high-energy Pilates class followed immediately by Zumba with my most favorite teacher. I know what you're thinking, Damn girl, that's pretty bad ass. And you're right, it is pretty bad ass. Especially for a Saturday morning. But just stay with me for a minute.

I get home from the Y all sweaty and full of myself and hang out with my boys for a little while before they leave for Kindermusik class. Then I take a quick shower and head over to meet them for lunch.

This initially started off as a bribe. We told Liam if he was a really good listener in music, we would get an ice cream after class. He was, of course, on his best behavior.

Now meeting up after music class to hang out and have lunch is something we all look forward to (lunch, ice cream, whatever...). The music school is in Riverside Village - a collection of local restaurants and shops with a shared courtyard and community garden just a few minutes from our house. It's adorable and hanging out there has become a highlight of our weekend.

Liam always gets a scoop of homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream (it's green - Steve's favorite color) from Sip Cafe, while Bill and I are more partial to sandwiches from Mitchell's Deli. Specifically the turkey-avocado-sprouts-bacon sandwich from Mitchell's Deli.


So, here's where the mathematical stuff comes into play.

Workout - Deli Sandwich = X

Where X is greater than or equal to a complete wash meaning I could probably just stay in bed all morning and have the exact same results (mathematically speaking, of course). But, just like everything else in Algebra, just because something "makes sense" doesn't necessarily mean it makes sense. Does that make sense? I didn't think so.

Math is hard.

And now I want bacon.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I'm an accountant, let me help you out.

Exercise builds muscle, which in turn burns calories, as opposed to fat which stores calories.


Workout + Muscle – Sandwich = x

Where x represents that you actually came out one ahead and should probably have ice cream and a sandwich.

erin said...

Oh, M-T Mama, I like the way you think!

Delaney Mae said...

But it's just such a DAMN GOOD SANDWICH. So that negates all previous calculations.

hezza said...

I do a lot of data analysis and what I see here is that you failed to recognize an important correlating factor in your data.

While Sleep is certainly wonderful. The combined Joy of Workout and Family is a greater value.

S < W+F and W+F=J
(and J is always greater than X)

Workout - Deli Sandwich = X + J

S = X

I'm just sayin'.

No Mommy Brain said...

you guys are starting to make me appreciate math! had i known i could get so creative with it, i probably would have paid attention in class.

Girl Healthy said...

I gave up on math a long time ago. X Shmex. Just eat the damn sandwich :) That's what I would do. Except I would have the BLT. I'm hooked. It's THE best BLT in Nashville. Or maybe the world. And I don't even eat bacon. Is there a formula for that?

bill said...

wow, nice perspectives. i feel beter about the gmat now. thanks friends.