Friday, May 22, 2009

Beach day.

Check out some of the wildlife we saw at the beach today:

Yes, that is a dolphin. A dolphin! Not only was it like 5 feet from the shore, it was nice enough to stay there while I ran back to our towels to find my camera. And then it told its friends where we were hanging out so they could come swim back and forth for us too. Dolphins!

Ahhh! That is totally a SHARK that the man in the blue jeans is rastling with. He caught it accidentally and then had one heck of a time getting the hook out of its mouth so he could throw it back (you know, cause it's a shark and wanted to BITE HIM). Eventually he got the hook out and threw the poor shark back into the water with the most triumphant SPLASH! I have ever heard.

We also saw lots of little crabs and a super cute starfish that we placed near the water (not nearly as awesome as throwing a shark but we're just not the shark throwing type).

We also saw a couple of these crazy things that Bill called Horseshoe Crabs. He told us they are prehistoric which seemed pretty cool to me but Liam was like, Does that thing make bubbles? No? Then why the hell are you showing it to me?

To be fair, these light saber bubbles are pretty cool. Especially when there's a slight breeze.

Even if you don't have a beach trip planned this summer, I suggest you pick some up ($1 at Walmart). If your kids are anything like Liam, they will think they are on the greatest vacation of their lives (even if they never leave the backyard).

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Katie said...

wow, the last pic with Liam and the bubble on the shoreline looks like that scene in Wizard of Oz. Cool.