Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday.

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning so I would have a little time to shower and check my e-mail (and possibly try to get the house ready for our last minute house guests who arrive tonight) before Liam woke up and the day began. Guess what happened at 6:25? Liam woke up. (That's like two hours early for him. Don't hate me.)

I intended to see if he would go to the bathroom, have some milk and go back to bed for a little while but he was fully prepared to start the day.

"Good morning! Mama? Are you happy?"

"Yeah, buddy, I'm happy. But I'm still really tired." Hint, hint. Go back to sleep!

"No, Mama. Be happy!" Weak smile of a three year old trying to convince his Mama to get with the program.

"Okay, I'm happy." Yawn.

"No you're not." Looking sad.

Digging deep, mustering a real smile. "Okay, now I'm happy."

"Now we're both happy!"

Fortunately DJ Lance Rock was available to babysit on short notice so I could wake up a little and really start the day.

He always comes prepared.

Yo Gabba Gabba! came onto Liam's radar while we were in Reno and has been one of his favorite shows ever since. You can tell by the way he accessorizes that he's a really big fan.

DJ Liam rocks!

At the bookstore yesterday we picked up an interactive Gabba Land that will surely take his impersonation to the next level.

It's pretty cool. You open it up just like DJ Lance's case and fold out a big poster that looks like all the different lands. There are cardboard cutouts of the characters that Liam can use to act out scenes and perform songs. Now he can play along while he watches. (Definitely the next level if you ask me.)

We went to the bookstore intending to get a pre-k workbook so Liam could begin tracing letters and numbers and we could introduce something along the lines of curriculum into our day. (I got the idea from a mama friend of mine who has scheduled time each day for her children to work independently on such things. Love her.) We scoured the shelves until I decided on the perfect book (no small task) then went over to the train table to play and read books.

But while I was listening to Liam read an entire collection of Blue's Clues stories (like a freaking encyclopedia, that thing), some dude took my book and started showing it to his daughter. At first I thought it was no big deal. I mean, obviously he was not the type who would ever buy a book of worksheets for his kid. (I mentioned I'm still waking up, right? So I'm a little judgemental in the morning.) But the little girl was really into it. He started flipping through the pages with her and everything she saw, she wanted to learn. Counting! Adding! Writing! Phonics! The better she did, the more his eyes started to light up. When she correctly answered what letter bird, bee and bus start with, he turned the book over and looked for the price. To my surprise/delight/dismay, he let his little girl carry the big book to the check out counter and bought it for her.

I let it go and chalked it up to my good deed for the day (I probably changed her life!). Then I bought my kid the TV themed book with no words and went home to see the babysitter.


Sara said...

We too have purchased some workbooks upon occasion, but if you ever need something the same day / from home I frequent a couple of web sites:

Both have curriculum ideas (just some jump start things) but craft activities, ditto sheets, songs and physical activities to accompany a lesson item, such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, seasons, etc... and for no more than use of some ink and paper from your printer.

I have also found activity books at the dollar store from time to time - not as complete as some, but for a $1 can't be beat.

No Mommy Brain said...

that's awesome, sara - thank you so much!

Katie said...

wonderful of you to let him buy his kid the book and change a life! I love your ramblings, keep em coming!

Through My Lens said...

Nice getto blaster! :)