Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Listserve Favorites - March/April 2009.

Our neighborhood has a Listserve that is just about as quirky as our neighborhood itself. It ranges from lost/found pets and items for sale to political discussions and crime watch to completely random tangents that go on and on for days. I found all of my babysitting jobs through the Listserve but other than that I rarely get involved. There are some stars of the Listserve who chime in on almost every single post like it's their job to be witty and sarcastic. I'm sure if I were to read all of the threads I would find some very lively "conversation" but I rarely get that into it. I typically just glance through the digest version of posts to see if any of the subjects jump out at me - that alone is entertaining enough! I saved some of my favorite subjects from the past couple of months to give you a taste of the place I call home:

Adult Easter Bunny Costume Needed
I'm sure they had no problem finding one - people in our neighborood love a good costume!

Anyone know where I can get a flute repaired?
Probably...this is Music City.

Vocal Booth For Sale
I'm telling you, where else would you find such musician-friendly classifieds?

Dear drunken motorist and passengers at 14th and Woodland, try at least to act sober.
You gotta love an open letter!

To the gangster that robbed me at gunpoint tonight outside Family Wash...
Although, I'm sure these people are not reading the Listserve.

Lunch today, anyone?
See? It's not all drunks and gangsters. Some people are friendly enough to have lunch with any one of their hungry neighbors. I love that!

Mow my front lawn right now! ...before the rain starts
Whoever wrote this is brilliant. It's been raining for a week now and our yard looks like a jungle!

Tonight: Best Local spot for guys who like cowboys who like guys
I love my little gayborhood.

Fashion lazy skinhead seen walking up Fatherland openly carrying black semi-automatic
Huh? There were lots of weird responses to this one - Bill was pretty sure one guy was admitting to being the fasion lazy skinhead with the semi-automatic but I assured him that was one of the Listserve stars being cleaver and witty.

Stop what you are doing...and run...don't Walden's Market before they sell out of salsa!!!
Wow! Talk about great word of mouth!

PAID GIG: Need someone handy with own chainsaw (no trees / yard work involved)
I purposely didn't click on this one to find out what it was about. I think some things are better left to the imagination.

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Girl Healthy said...

I can proudly endorse the salsa... made by a couple right here in East Nashville, it's some of the best I've ever tasted. I know where to get it if you want some...