Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teenage fanclub.

This weekend, our 10 and 13 year old nephews and their dad came to Nashville for a visit. They became our nephews a couple years ago by marriage, making us Aunt Maggie (or Mags) and Uncle Bill (Wez) for the very first time. They are like the smartest, coolest people I have ever met and I feel pretty lucky that they're in my family.

Even though they're awesome and we were completely flattered that they wanted to come all the way to Nashville to celebrate their father-son birthday weekend, I was still a little, how you say, completely freaked out at the prospect of having teenage boys (or tweenage boys) in my home for two days.

I mean, what the heck do you do with 10 and 13 year old boys? After racking my brain and coming up with nothing but white noise, I turned to Facebook for a little inspiration.

Maggie Day Conran house guests this weekend...any ideas of what to do with 10 and 13 year old boys???

I got some good suggestions - video games, skate park, pirate festival, Internet porn, bowling - but still felt a little unsure how the whole thing was going to go down. I mean, I was pretty sure we could keep them entertained but what could we do to make them really enjoy hanging out with us? Exactly what would it take to clench the title of coolest aunt ever? Which, if I get right down to it, is all I really wanted.

I thought a lot about it but ran out of time to come up with an actual plan of action. We blew up an air mattress for them to sleep on, borrowed a Wii from some friends and picked up an ice cream cake for the birthday celebration. The rest, we decided, would have to be made up as we went along.

By the time they arrived, I was so excited to see them (and to see Liam with them) I completely forgot that I had no idea what to do with them. And almost immediately, their dad set me at ease. He said, "When the boys come to stay with us, we try so hard to be cool. But you guys just are cool. I mean, look at this - they've told you more in the last five minutes than they've told me all week!"


The weekend was great. A perfect mix of go-go-going all over town (with their dad, not with us - thank goodness for nap time!) and chillaxing at the homestead (that's why I'm the cool aunt - I say really cool, age-appropriate things). By the end of the weekend I had no idea what I had been so worried about. Yes, these kids are smart and busy and used to doing really awesome things, but they weren't coming to Nashville to be entertained; they were coming to see us.

Because we're cool.

The weekend actually made me really excited to have my very own tweenager someday. Which is great because, if these pictures are any indication of how fast time flies, I am going to have a stubble-chinned fifteen year old in my home, like, tomorrow. And not just for the weekend.

Cousins at first sight - Hawaii 2007.

Grow much? - Nashville 2009.

Wondering what to do with your tweener house guests? Have them start a blog! I like to think I was the super cool aunt who inspired them to join the blogosphere but it was totally their dad's idea.


Beaner3 said...

Great pics and you guys are cool ~ their dad was right.

hezza said...

OMG their blog is awesome.
I love being a cool honorary auntie.
I am generally referred to by my full name "CrazyAuntHeather".
As in "Look Mommy, CrazyAuntHeather and I made these outfits from thrift store clothes".

ae said...

I love the Travel Bros blog. Very well written and funny.

My goal is to be "World's Greatest Aunt" to my nephew, but I'd settle for Crazy Aunt Allison.