Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What are you doing?

Seriously, Facebook. I think it's time for a little status update of your own so poor saps like me who used to waste ungodly amounts of time reading through all my friends' status updates to see what was going on in their lives can know WHY? you had to go and do away with your only truly great feature. I know, I know. I can still see my friends' status updates if I scroll through the home page or go to their individual pages. But who wants to scroll past page after page of so-and-so took this quiz and what's-her-name is this type of drink just to see a potentially funny or informative status update?

Not me.

It's like they're intentionally trying to make me more productive or force me to remember my Twitter password or something.

I hate to be like an old hag wistfully going on about the good ol' days but, well, if the Rockport fits...

************** 1 minute later *****************

So, I just logged in to Facebook to torment myself and found that they seem to have fixed the problem. Or at least removed all the garbage from the homepage so I can see lots of my friends' status updates without trying too hard. So much for being productive! Thanks, Facebook (I guess).

************ 10 minutes or so after that ************

Nevermind. I must have just hit a lull or something. The homepage is now telling me what breed of dog a girl I went to high school with would be if she was a dog. Guess I'll go do some laundry. Sigh...


bill said...

cocker spaniel?

Katie said...

holy crap I totally agree with you! It is driving me crazy!! I don't want to take any frigging "quizzes" for fuck sake!