Monday, June 1, 2009

Almost paradise.

I try my best to be a bloom where I'm planted kind of girl, enjoying where I am at the moment instead of always wishing I was somewhere else, but ever since we returned from vacation, I can't help but feel a little discontented with the here and now. I blame these amazing backyards we were lucky enough to hang out in:

I mean, you've got to be kidding, right? Who knew it was even an option to have a beach in your backyard? Don't get me wrong, we love Nashville and we've got a great backyard, but come on. Once you know such awesome possibilities are out there, it's hard not to get a bad case of the wants.

Since picking up and moving to the beach is not really in our cards right now (although we're perfectly open to it if you've got suggestions), I decided I would need to do something to what we have to make it more like what we want. Like build myself a backyard beach! I mean, how hard could it be? All you really need is a little sand and some water. Add a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella and you've practically got your very own five star resort!

I was picturing something like this accentuated with a beach entry pond:

I mean, really. Could that be much cooler? (Click the photo for more info.)

There's a low spot in our grass that we affectionately call the sink hole - you would never notice it unless you were chasing after a soccer ball and suddenly felt your legs disappear beneath you - that we thought would be the perfect place for the pond (we'd hardly even have to dig!). One side would have a mini waterfall for ambiance and functionality and the other side would gently wash onto the sandy shore of our very own beach - essentially the back corner of our yard filled with sand. I could sit under an umbrella with my feet in the sand while Liam made sand castles at the water's edge. It would be like we were on vacation all summer long.

But then some friends came over for dinner and told us that the pile of sand they have in their backyard has become an enormous cat box that stinks to high heaven. Bummer. They also mentioned that our good ol' sink hole probably is a sinkhole (an old, unused cistern) and may or may not be the best spot for a water feature (unless we were hoping to add a well or a super deep diving pool).

Good to know.

We still really wanted our own little piece of paradise so we decided to improvise. Instead of a crazy deep pond washing onto our very own cat box beach, we decided to go with an inflatable kiddie pool and a covered sand box. Not quite as exotic but probably a lot smarter and more likely to happen in this century. And as long as the end result is my family spending time outside together, I'm happy.

We spent almost the entire day yesterday working on the project. By the time we were done shopping, blowing up not one, not two, but three baby pools (a big one for swimming and two small ones for sand and water), removing all the grass, rocks, walnuts and sharp objects from a 6' circle in our yard, and filling everything with sand and water, we were pretty stoked. Our backyard beach was a far cry from what we initially wanted but we would have no problem making the most of it. A whole summer of fun in the sun stretched out before us and we felt like a couple of kids on the last day of school.

We couldn't wait to show Liam.

But he woke up from his nap kind of late and we had a birthday party to get to (totally fun, by the way) so we didn't have time to play before we left. We quickly showed Liam what we had done and then spent the rest of the night talking on and on about how much fun we were going to have in the backyard. Our excitement was contagious - by the time we were ready to go home, even Liam was inviting people to come swim in our new pool.

So, you can probably imagine how we felt when we got home and found that the not-quite-a-beach-but-pretty-great-anyway-pool we had spent all day inflating and setting up and filling with water was already entirely flat and useless.

We were deflated.

I instantly blamed the cat because that's the reason we have pets - so they can take the blame for things. But today, after spending more time than I'd like to admit scouring every last inch of the stupid pool, I have to let her off the hook. I cannot find a single scratch or claw mark or any hole whatsoever. In fact, I have absolutely no idea why the pool went flat. Or what the heck I should do about it now.

The whole situation is making me kind of pissed off. Which is stupid, I know, but that's just the way it is sometimes. I think I just have beach envy and vacation withdrawals. Try as I might, this:

Is never going to be this:

And this:

Is really making me miss this:

The fact that our home has been ruthlessly invaded by fruit flies and pet hair is not helping the situation. I was planning to just go in the backyard and ignore the whole thing but now that that's not an option I'm not sure what to do. Thank goodness we still have a front porch to retreat to. If that let's us down, we're running away.


Courtney said...

I always love reading your perspective. You get a perfect ten for at least trying on the beach idea.

sunT said...

i have to say you make me now want to be at the beach.
i always think i want my house to look like that bedroom. however, we need to remember in reality all that white would really be hell to live with in that room. that is unless we were single, childless and had no pets.. (ah, the things we give up)
i have to add the citrine would be better than what my parents found in their "sinkhole". it is an old outhouse hole. and after they were digging.. it still stinks. dont touch the sinkhole!
man i sure am raining on your parade. what a negative nelly i am. i guess i have been stuck in nashville too long and really want to go to the beach i guess...

irieiam said...

Two pools...Brilliant!

LClaire said...

ahhh the beach :) We'll all live there eventual, I can feel it!