Saturday, June 6, 2009

A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

What a Saturday! It's like we're on a holi-stay or a stay-cation or whatever it is they're calling it these days. Maybe it should just be called life. As in, we had a great day today living life!

It started off with our buddy Owen's very first T-ball game. It seems impossible that our children are old enough for organized sports but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. Sigh. Owen did great and, even though Liam was feeling a little "melancholy", I had a great time cheering from the bleachers. (Except for when I got in trouble for talking to a couple of little girls who were there to watch their sister. Evidently, some children are meant to be seen and not heard. Ahem.) After the game, we stormed the field to run the bases and play in the dirt.

Future T-ballers? We'll see...

The coolest kid on the team. Just look at that hat!

The entire bleachers were filled with Owen fans and after the game we all headed down the street to cool off with a sno-cone, or rather a sneaux-ball, which is what the New Orleans style treat is technically called.

As you can see, I had cola and Liam had blue bubblegum.
Wearing white was a bad decision.
Jolly Rogue Sneaux Balls is a welcome addition to our neighborhood and a perfect fit parked next to the hot dog stand. As my favorite weenie slinger (and owner of I Dream of Weenie) Alisa likes to say, "WEENIES and BALLS together in 5-points!"

Love her. And her weenies.

As we finished spilling colorful syrup on Mama's lap, our little buddy Dylan tried his best to convince Liam to "come see the plants". Eventually we all followed him and were pleasantly surprised to find a rock show taking place in the middle of the garden shop. You just never know in East Nashville!

We hung out for a bit, listening to music and talking to our neighbors, before heading home for a little lunch and an afternoon nap. While Liam slept, Bill and I lounged around on the couches, eating BLTs, reading books and watching TV. After some really great downtime, we headed to the pool.

Liam loved to swim last year but has been kind of slow to warm up to it this year. He likes to sit on the side and watch, every now and then throwing a ball for Mama or Dada to fetch. When we do get him in the water, he is clingy and fearful and won't let us let go or even just hold onto his hands. I think it might be time for swim lessons.

In typical East Nashville YMCA pool fashion, we got ourselves a groupie the second we got in the water and couldn't seem to get rid of him no matter how hard we tried. He followed us wherever we went with a constant stream of commentary: "Look at me. Look! I'm not even a full grown man and I'm already huge!" and (after slapping the hairy back of some man he didn't seem to know), "I don't even like that guy, I just pretend like I do." and (when we passed a girl who looked about his age - 10? 12?), "Ooh whoo! Hot tamale! Hot tamale!"

Even though we were having a very entertaining time at the pool, we couldn't stay long - we had a kids' music parade to get to! Our neighborhood coffee shop Bongo Java invited kids and parents to meet in the parking lot with a musical instrument and parade around the block together. It was inspired by the owner's son who told his dad he wanted a parade. "What kind of parade?" "Um...a music parade!" And so it was!

Trying to get the kids together for a picture.
Liam's on it - just look at that cheesy grin!

Are we done yet? Did you get the picture?

You guys are way too slow. I'm outta here.

Let the wild rumpus start! The parade route was designated with sidewalk chalk drawings of guitars, drums and music notes and the kids carried balloons and made music as we walked.

Bill told Liam if he marched and sang the entire parade, he would get ice cream at Pied Piper when we were done. So, for the first half a block or so, Liam sang one song after another, breathlessly, as if he was afraid to stop. I could tell he was going to run out of material soon and saw a look of panic wash over his face. I felt bad for the kid. So I struck a new deal - as long as he kept marching and playing the cymbals, the ice cream was his.

I rocked a triangle and we all wore our swimsuits.
Ain't no shame in coming in last. It's all about the journey, baby.

We got Liam his ice cream and made plans to meet up for Mexican food with some of our fellow marchers.

Being in a parade makes us thirsty!

Hungry, too! (Liam's working on his ice cream; we're all still in swimsuits.)

We got to sit on the patio overlooking downtown which was a super way to enjoy the sunset (probably more for me than most - I was facing away from the blinding sun and had on sunglasses). It worked out pretty well for the boys, too. They could go to the far end of the patio where no one was sitting to blow bubbles and bust out drum solos on the chairs without driving our fellow diners crazy.

Paletas. What?

By the time we got home, it was dark and time for bed. On the way into the bathroom to brush his teeth, Liam shrieked, "A firefly! I see a firefly!" I'm not sure if we believed him or not but we all laid down on our bed in the dark to see if we could see it too. Sure enough, a moment later it lit up again! We named her Flicker and ended the day cuddling in the dark, watching her light up our house.

On a scale of one to ten for totally perfect days, this must have been an eleven.


sunT said...

ah east nashville is wonderful! s glad yall had a good time!!! we didnt make it to the parade instead we were making friends with the electrician!

Girl Healthy said...

A perfect day indeed.

Katie said...

Please adopt me...please? I so wish East Nashville was a tiny bit closer so that we could park our trailer in your driveway and visit for a few days, I HAVE to go to this town someday!