Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The get up kids.

Ever since last week when I put my foot down and decided I would no longer be bossed around by my child, things around here have been almost unrecognizable. That whole, "as soon as he wakes up we'll get dressed and go somewhere" thing has turned us into (dare I say it?) a family of do-ers. We're, like, busy. It's weird.

I thought we had completely outdone ourselves on Saturday and was sure that would hold us over for at least a week or two. Heh. Turns out that was just the beginning.

Sunday morning we woke up with a two hour bike ride. I know! We're totally not that kind of family either. We easily get tired and thirsty and would just as soon be at home watching a two hour bike ride than attempting to enjoy one for ourselves. But, in the spirit of get up and go, we had to do something. It was a pretty day so we pumped up our bike tires and hit the nature trail near our house (Shelby bottoms for you ambitious locals).

Once we got out there we just kept going and going, taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying the feeling of the wind in our hair helmets. By the time we stopped we were clear across town at the Two Rivers Skate Park. I was so blown away! We didn't have a bottle of water or a cell phone or a cent on us (not even my camera...) - and we had ridden our bikes across town. (With Liam on the back of my bike, thankyouverymuch.)

And that wasn't even it for our Sunday! Bill went golfing while Liam napped and then we all went to our friends' house to grill out and watch the kids get naked in the baby pool. We even played darts!

Monday Liam and I went to the beach (which is impressive considering who the heck knew Nashville had beaches? Thanks, Sunshine!).

Anderson Beach - Percy Priest Reservoir.

Tuesday we went swimming at the YMCA. Twice.

Today we went to the art museum and had lunch in a restaurant.

We learned about architecture and Liam built "Nashville, TN"

AND all three days Liam has gone to the YMCA childcare without crying while I worked out.

Who are these people?!

Are you starting to see why I'm not posting that often? Keeping a blog up to date is hard enough but when you're all go go go! all the time, it's nearly impossible. One minute it's 7:20 in the morning - my eyelids are half closed, my coffee cup is half full, my ability to make words out of letters is just beginning to take hold - then the next minute Liam's bedroom door opens and it's like, Oh crap! I almost forgot! Um, um...what should we do? (Hey buddy! Did you sleep well? Let's get dressed!) Think, Mama, think! Put down the laptop!

But it's not just my writing that is suffering. I rushed off to the pool the other day without a proper shave and spent the whole time trying to hide my pube stubble from the 30 or so moms and kids we kinda sorta know. Poor Liam was like Um, mom? I think I can walk. But I had to carry something if I wasn't in the water or under my towel.

I'm definitely not complaining though. Liam has been so much more cooperative and happy. He hasn't thrown a chair at me in at least a week! The only thing he is still struggling with is getting dressed in the morning. He loves wearing his pajamas and pitches a fit every single time I try to change him. (He likes the look of pjs - he thinks they make him look like The Aquabats or DJ Lance Rock. No one he idolizes wears shorts and t-shirts.) But I just do it quickly without reacting to his protest and within minutes it's as if he never cared at all.

Why can't they have a summer wardrobe change?

I have also cut out snacks almost completely which means Liam is actually hungry at meal times! Yesterday he even ate french fries which, I know, it's not like a big step up from Goldfish crackers or even something I should be pushing (don't some people call fries the new cancer sticks?) but it's something new! And that's exciting.

Oh crap! There's Liam! Gotta run...


CelinaQ said...

This is pretty freaking awesome, Maggie. I'm impressed by your creativity at coming up with things to do. And you guys look so happy in your pictures.

:) CQ

P.S. I knew a girl from Kentucky who used to say "grill out." Must be a midwest/southern thing. 'Round these parts we say bar-be-que. :D

Jen said...

Maggie! I love that you used your child as a bikini spider shield. Awesome. That little guy gets cuter every day...

Katie said...

awesome comment about the Pube stubble!!!! good job Conrans!