Friday, June 19, 2009

Going, going green.

Drum roll please...

This week I cleaned the bathtub TWICE.

That's a No Mommy Brain first! I mean, where do I think I am, La Quinta Inn? Twice a month, maybe. But twice a week? Never before.

But, I really didn't have a choice. Right after my last post Liam and I were at the grocery store when I accidentally stumbled upon this:

Don't let the natural setting or eco-friendly looking label fool you - there's scrubbing bubbles in there!

Hello, old friend.

I was looking for more Nature's Source Windex which is really great and totally helped wean me off Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Spray. I could go through that stuff by the bucket full if I'm not careful. It's like crack cocaine. Someday when I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams I will have a whole closet full of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products (and while I'm at it, my own clothes closet and a coat closet too!). But, until then the Nature's Source Windex is a good inbetweener (not as cheap as vinegar but less expensive than Mrs. Meyer's).

Imagine my surprise when right next to the Windex I saw the little scrubbing bubbles guy staring up at me like, Check it out, lady - I've gone green! I was so excited. I threw it in the cart and raced home to give Liam a bath.

Here he is telling me he's three.

Here he's like, "Is that enough bath crayon for you?"

And here he is going all Sean Penn on me like,
"Get out of here you paparazzi scum!"

I let the crayon sit over night before trying to scrub it off. I would have let it sit for a couple of weeks like usual but we had more friends coming over for dinner last night (frequently inviting people into our home is my trick for staying on top of the cleaning - if it was just the three of us, this place would have fallen apart years ago).

Nature's Source - meet your match.

First I tried scrubbing the bath crayon off with water and a scratchy sponge just so you could see what we're working with. The blue came off fine but the red? Yeah right.

Next I sprayed on the scrubbing bubbles and watched them go to work.

Wahooo!!! It's just like on TV!

Here is the finished product:

Nature's Source Scrubbing Bubbles: Take a bow.

I was very surprised and impressed but also kind wondering, do you think this line of cleaning products is really more eco-friendly than the original? It seems legit but I keep hearing a voice of reason say, "Yes my dear but don't you know that arsenic is also natural."

When this stuff runs out, I'll be sure to try some of the great suggestions you left in the comments. Thank you!


In unrelated news, someone opened my bathroom window really, really wide to take an earthy looking picture of some cleaning products and in the process totally broke the frame and let one of the window panes fall into the overgrown depths below.

So, while I may not have to worry about asphyxiating the next time I clean my bathtub, there is a very good chance I will be eaten alive by mosquitoes while I sleep. (Well, there would have been had Bill not placed a magazine over the gaping hole - now why didn't I think of that?)


sunT said...

hahaha! nice window.

um i am still confused however... i thought you were kidding when you said you clean your tub when you have people over for dinner. wow. you are super mom! whatever you do DONT look in our tubs.. well.. ever!

Delaney Mae said...

Inviting people over so we have to clean is literally the only motivator I have. Dinner parties are one of my great loves so I don't mind zooming around the house dusting if it means we'll be hosting friends for delicious food!

Also, I sing a scrubbing bubbles love song every time I clean the bathtub. Which is about once every two months.

hezza said...

I'm on my way to get some of the green bubbles right now.

Anonymous said...

I'd be mighty suspicious about the claims of being green.

SLS and SLES are both coconut or palm kernal oil derivatives. Saying it's so doesn't green them up chemically, just commercially. Basically I doubt there's much difference, although the powerful fragrances probably got toned down for the "new" consumers who associate a lack of smell with "Green"

Anonymous said...

PS ,.if it's only the red crayon that truly green cleaning won't remove, why not remove the red crayon? It's totally reasonable to play the "parental veto" card on something like that, and definitely greener than the cleaner.

And you can clean the tub less often.

Have you tried using shampoo or soap to clean the tub? Liam might just do it while he's in there if you made it into a game.

Girl Healthy said...

I especially like the shadows cast by the suspended water droplets. Great action shot!

Katie said...

I am even more guilty and horrible about mopping the kitchen floor. I seriously do it maybe once a month, maybe! And we have a sort of crawling 10 month old wiggling all over. I hate mopping and luckily have tile that hides how bad it is. However, when I pick up said squirming child and notice how filthy his belly/chest area is I am horrified. But not enough to get out the mop.

victoria winters said...

But why wean off the lemon verbena? I LURV that stuff! :)

sawaya said...

I love it. Not one, but two posts about cleaning the tub within a week. I have been checking my tub daily to see when it will need it's next scrubbing. Since you seem to enjoy it so much... Can I let you know when it's ready for a scrubbing??? Keep your house spotless kinda sucks but a necessary evil when it's on the market!